100 years in the past in Spokane: A girl was requested to pay alimony to her husband, an “uncommon” step in 1922

“The wheels of justice turned in an unusual way” when Judge Joseph Lindley ordered a wife to pay alimony to a husband.

John Jacobson said that he and his wife Agnes jointly owned the Ross Apartments in Spokane and some properties in Valleyford.

Suffering from a health crisis, John had to go to California alone for health reasons. Agnes served him the divorce papers while he was at Los Angeles County Hospital. Now, without the income from the property, he was broke and penniless.

The judge found that without alimony, John would be reduced to an “object of charity.” He said if the position were reversed the woman would “certainly be entitled to maintenance”.

He ordered Agnes to pay John $60 a month and certain dues, at least temporarily.

From the hospital shock: Spokane had a good chance of getting a regional Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. The proposed hospital would have a full suite of operating rooms, X-ray machines, and living quarters for nurses. It would handle charitable orthopedic cases from across the Intermountain region, including parts of Canada.

A final decision would be announced in June 1922.

Also on the date

(From Associated Press)

1919: Oregon was the first state to tax gasoline at 1 cent per gallon.

1957: The Supreme Court, in Butler v. Michigan, overturned a Michigan statute that made it a misdemeanor to sell books containing obscene language that would tend to spoil “the morals of youth.”

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