13 reasons why you should install a Thatcham approved GPS tracking device in your vehicle

Choosing to fit a Thatcham approved GPS tracking device to your vehicle is more than just an improvement in safety; It’s an investment in peace of mind and financial prudence. Thatcham Research, a reputable vehicle security assessment company, approves devices that demonstrate superior quality and effectiveness in theft prevention and vehicle recovery. This article explores the multiple benefits of having a Thatcham approved GPS tracker in your vehicle, with each reason underlined by its relevance and usefulness in today’s context.

Improved vehicle safety

A Thatcham approved GPS tracking device will significantly increase the safety of your vehicle. These systems are carefully designed to detect unauthorized movement or tampering and alert the owner immediately. This rapid warning mechanism not only serves as a deterrent against theft, but also helps in the rapid recovery of the vehicle in the event of theft. Since the number of vehicle thefts is not decreasing, such robust protection is essential. Due to the sophistication of these devices, they can offer features such as geofencing, which alerts you when the vehicle moves outside a predefined area, adding another dimension to your vehicle’s security.

Reduced insurance premiums

One of the most immediate benefits of installing a Thatcham approved tracker is the potential reduction in insurance premiums. Insurance companies often recognize the additional security these devices provide and may offer significant discounts to owners who have them installed. This makes investing in a GPS tracker not only economically sensible, but also a long-term savings opportunity. Over time, the savings achieved through lower insurance premiums can significantly offset the tracker’s initial cost, making it a financially wise decision for vehicle owners.

Peace of mind

The security provided by a Thatcham approved GPS tracker cannot be overstated. Whether your car is parked in a busy city center, a quiet suburban street, or outside your office, the constant monitoring and protection it provides can ease the constant worry about vehicle safety. This is especially true for people who frequently park in less safe or unfamiliar areas. Knowing that your vehicle is closely monitored deters potential thieves and gives you an invaluable sense of security.

Accurate and real-time tracking

In the unfortunate event of theft, the accuracy and immediacy of a Thatcham approved GPS tracker is invaluable. These devices provide real-time location tracking with remarkable precision, enabling instant tracking of your vehicle. This quick and accurate localization significantly increases the likelihood that your vehicle will be recovered quickly and without damage. Additionally, the ability to track your vehicle in real time can be useful in everyday situations, such as confirming its location in large parking lots or tracking it while a family member is using it.

Compliance with insurance requirements

An insurance-approved GPS tracker not only meets the requirements set by insurance companies, but often exceeds them. Insurers can insist on the installation of such trackers for owners of high-quality vehicles or those that are particularly at risk of theft. By choosing to have a Thatcham approved GPS professionally installed by experts such as Rewire Security, you will ensure compliance with insurance requirements while receiving a tracker known for its exceptional quality and reliability. This compliance is not just about meeting a standard; It’s about ensuring the greatest possible protection for your vehicle.

Deterrent for potential thieves

The presence of a Thatcham approved GPS tracker in a vehicle is a strong deterrent to would-be thieves. Criminals, aware of the advanced tracking capabilities and increased risk of detection and apprehension, often choose to bypass vehicles equipped with these systems. This preventive aspect of the GPS tracker is crucial as it actively prevents theft attempts, thereby protecting your vehicle before a potential threat occurs.

Easy emergency recovery

In emergencies such as accidents or breakdowns, a GPS tracker is an invaluable asset. Pinpointing your exact location ensures rapid response times from emergency services, potentially reducing the impact or severity of the incident. This feature is particularly useful for people who frequently travel to remote areas or have health problems that may require urgent medical attention. Additionally, in situations where a driver is incapacitated and unable to call for help, the tracker acts as a vital lifeline by communicating the vehicle’s location to emergency responders.

Monitoring for young or inexperienced drivers

For parents or guardians of young or inexperienced drivers, a Thatcham approved GPS tracker is an essential tool. It enables monitoring of driving habits, including speed, location and routes taken, providing the opportunity to guide new drivers towards safer driving practices. This not only helps teach responsible driving behavior, but also gives parents peace of mind about their child’s safety on the road. Additionally, the ability to monitor driving patterns can be an educational tool that helps young drivers become more aware of their driving habits and encourages them to improve.

Preserve vehicle value

Vehicles equipped with advanced safety features, including Thatcham-approved GPS trackers, often retain their value better than vehicles without them. Potential buyers recognize the value of a vehicle with a high-quality tracking system and understand the safety and potential insurance benefits it offers. This can be a deciding factor in the resale value of the vehicle and makes the tracker not only a safety item but also an investment in maintaining your vehicle’s market value.

Easy to use and manage

Despite their advanced technology, modern Thatcham approved GPS trackers are designed with ease of use in mind. They typically offer user-friendly interfaces, accessible via smartphone apps or web platforms, that allow owners to easily monitor their vehicle’s location, receive alerts, and in some cases, remotely control certain vehicle functions. This easy management ensures users can take full advantage of their GPS tracker without the need for technical expertise, making it a convenient and practical addition to any vehicle.

Support and warranty

When you choose a Thatcham approved device, you often benefit from comprehensive customer support and warranty options. This support ensures that any technical issues or concerns with the tracker are resolved promptly and effectively, maintaining the reliability of your vehicle’s security system. The warranty, on the other hand, provides additional security regarding the quality and longevity of the device and ensures that your investment is protected.

Support for stolen vehicle recovery services

Thatcham approved GPS tracking devices play a vital role in supporting stolen vehicle recovery services. In the unfortunate event that a vehicle is stolen, the tracker’s precise, real-time location data is invaluable to police and recovery services. This collaboration between your GPS tracker and recovery services greatly increases the likelihood that your vehicle will be recovered quickly and safely. Additionally, the tracker’s continuous stream of data can provide important information to law enforcement and potentially assist in broader efforts to combat vehicle theft and crime.

Environmentally friendly driving and cost efficiency

Installing a Thatcham approved GPS tracker can contribute to greener driving practices. By providing data on driving habits such as speed, idle time and route efficiency, these devices can help drivers develop a more fuel-efficient driving style. This not only reduces the vehicle’s carbon footprint, but also results in cost savings in fuel consumption. For companies, this means an environmentally conscious approach and lower operating costs, which meets growing environmental concerns and the need for sustainable practices in all areas of life, including transportation.

Taking that away

Installing a Thatcham approved GPS tracking device in your vehicle is a decision that offers numerous benefits. From increased safety and potential insurance savings to invaluable peace of mind and improved vehicle management, these devices prove to be an essential addition to any vehicle. As vehicle theft techniques become more sophisticated, the importance of equipping your vehicle with a reliable and approved GPS tracker cannot be overemphasized. It’s a small step that can make a big difference in protecting one of your most valuable assets.

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