19-year-old lady kills her boyfriend for infidelity

Kenyan police are currently investigating the death of a young man who was allegedly killed by his 19-year-old girlfriend.

According to reports, the victim is supposed to Eric Gitonga was stabbed to death by his high school dropout girlfriend who accused him of infidelity.

Naija news understands that the suspect Jacklyn WawiraShe killed her 25-year-old boyfriend on her grandmother’s property where she was staying.

Another revelation about the incident revealed that Wawira and her boyfriend, who are both gas station attendants, had a heated argument that turned into an argument that led her to grab a kitchen knife and stab him.

Confirming the incident, said Stephen Okal, police in command of Mwea West Subdistrict;

“We managed to find the murder weapon and the lady is being held at the Kiamaciri Police Station.”

Okal also announced that further investigations are ongoing to determine more details about the incident.

Meanwhile a photo of A tree with female and male sex organs visible has appeared in Murang’a, Kenya.

It has been reported that the sap of the tree, the photo of which has gone viral on the Internet, has the ability to cure many diseases and ailments, and is also essential in repairing marriages.

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