25-year-old Murfreesboro girl stays lacking – final seen Monday

(Murfreesboro, TN) Murfreesboro Police Department released details of a “missing persons” report indicating that 25-year-old Emily Carlson was last seen on February 13, 2023 walking out of her home. The young woman was seen making suicide statements to a former employer shortly after she allegedly left, according to the report released by the MPD.

When Carlson disappeared, she apparently left her phone behind. The cell phone was found at her home. Police say the young lady was carrying a Vans (name brand) backpack with cats on it and a purple purse.

Carlson was listed as a missing person on the National Crime & Information Center (NCIC) database. Authorities are asking that Murfreesboro Police Department CID Detective James Arrington be notified at (629) 201-5522 if anyone makes contact with Ms. Carlson.

Source: MPD

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