27-year-old man sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his spouse on suspicion of infidelity

Life imprisonment for killing his wife: Days after a 27-year-old man murdered his wife on suspicion of infidelity, a court in the Mayubhanj district of Odisha sentenced him to life imprisonment under IPC Section 302 (murder). He was also fined 10,000 yen. If he does not pay, he faces another six months’ imprisonment.

The incident occurred five years ago in August 2016. He set 20-year-old Rani Singh on fire after she had handcuffed her legs and hands in his home. She succumbed to the injuries. The couple lived in Badhunia village in the Bisoi block.

What made him commit such a heinous crime? He was reportedly starting to suspect his wife of infidelity. She had to be in contact with different people because of her higher education, then he started to think that she was cheating on him. She was reportedly a trained nurse.

According to prosecutors, she suffered so much because she was a tribal and an educated girl.

Two weeks ago, a Kerala man was sentenced to double life imprisonment for the murder of his wife by a snakebite. The order was issued by a court in Kerala. He was found guilty of poisoning and killing his 25-year-old wife in the past year. The victim, Uthra, died in 2020 after two consecutive cases of poisoning. According to The News Minute, she was bitten by a viper for the first time. At that time she was living with her husband Sooraj and his parents’ house. When she was recovering from her parents’ first snakebite, she was bitten by a cobra, which became the cause of death. Read more about it here.

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