2G / 4G container lock with GPS monitoring perform for the safety of products in transit New

2G / 4G container lock with GPS tracking function to ensure the safety of goods in transit

Container lock JT705A is suitable for container security, container logistics tracking management, remote asset control. It is an innovative container security and tracking product that uses GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth with new technology, static and dynamic password unlock, and Cloud Platform + Hardware + Sensor Integration Services for freight carriers, customs imports and exports and large freight companies.

Smart Container Lock JT705A Installation Instructions
Application scene:
Freight carriers, large freight companies such as supermarkets, transportation agents, customs and Import and Export Corporation

Main features
1 GPS positioning, GSM positioning.

2 Instruction to unlock the remote password via platform or SMS.

3 Send instructions on how to unlock your scene password using your phone’s Bluetooth app.

4 Support static password and dynamic password, static password is valid for a long time, dynamic password is used once after it expires.

5 The lock outside the fence can only be unlocked within the specified environment through configuration tools and configuration of the platform instructions.

6 Linking of terminal and driver vehicle information via configuration tools and platforms as well as the configuration of the Bluetooth app command for mobile phones.

7 Illegal unlock alarm

8 Strong handle structure design, the lock cannot be easily broken.

Freight carrier

Real-time vehicle positioning and tracking improves vehicle utilization to move vehicles appropriately and effectively. Anytime to master the mileage and driving behavior of the driver through the remote platform or unlocked cellphone messages and strengthen control over bad behavior of the driver. The ultra-powerful electronic handle lock cannot be easily broken to ensure the safety of transportation.

Large freight companies like supermarkets

An unspecified position prohibits drivers or related supervisors from unlocking the goods, ensuring the safety of the goods during transit, and preventing the theft of the goods. Support mobile phone app bluetooth unlock function, to avoid areas in the warehouse or transfer station and other network signals faulty areas can not even unlock the situation; Illegal unlocking, such as B. smashing locks, saw barriers and other actions can trigger alarms, be transmitted to the platform or app and enable timely and effective processing.

Transport company

To bind to the device via the platform or the mobile phone app at any time in order to bind the driver information, flexible provision of suitable vehicles and driver resources, improvement of resource use, positioning

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