5 Greatest Custody Legal professionals in Houston, TX 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading custody attorneys in Houston, TX. To help you find the best custody attorneys near you in Houston, TX, we’ve created our own list based on this list of ratings.

Best Custody Lawyers in Houston, TX:

The top rated custody lawyers in Houston, TX are:

  • The Bayley Law Firm – Experienced family law attorneys in Houston
  • The strong law firm – gives honest, uncomplicated legal advice
  • Matt Tyson’s law firm – hosts the award-winning, aggressive family lawyer in Houston
  • The Larson Law Firm – Offers dedicated and highly personal service
  • Kathryn Marteeny’s law firm – has more than 30 years of legal experience

The Bayley Law Firm

The Bayley law firm in Houston

The Bayley Law Firm makes it his business to make the process as painless as possible. To accomplish this type of mission, they provide honest legal assistance, quick and regular communication, reasonable prices, and aggressive court representation. For almost a decade, they have been efficiently and effectively helping to solve their clients’ legal problems. Additionally, service with compassion and quality legal representation is at the heart of this law firm. Would you like to find out what they can do for you? Call today for a free telephone consultation.


Family law, civil procedure law and real estate law


Address: 2020 SW Freeway Service Rd # 100, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 383 8887
Website: https://www.bayleylawhouston.com/


“Andrew and Dan assisted my wife and I with our mediation and divorce, providing practical analysis and a common sense settlement and custody agreement. It was emotional and difficult, but it produced a solution that best supported our family. I recommend contacting the company if you have a family and you are preparing for a divorce ”- Brooks Graul

The strong law firm

The strong law firm in Houston

The lawyers of Strong law firm strive to achieve the best results for their clients with their honest and uncomplicated legal advice. You believe that nothing in life is more important than your family. This company is doing its best to represent you and your family in your case. In addition, they are a results-oriented law firm and operate exclusively in the field of family law. The attorneys at this law firm are committed to helping you and your legal affairs directly. They are ready to serve you and achieve maximum results for you and your family.


Adoption, custody, alimony and enforcement actions


Address: 201 W 16th St, Houston, TX 77008
Telephone: (713) 980 4300
Website: https://www.divorcelawyerhouston.pro/


“I can’t say enough good things about Angela and her team. She helped me visit and support my father and son. Thanks to her, we completed the mediation and she kept me informed the whole time. Your quick and knowledgeable responses are very reassuring. “- Blair Ygdevik

Matt Tyson’s law firm

Reliable custody attorneys in Houston

If you want to win on your family law case, this is it Matt Tyson’s law firm is able to do so. The award-winning lawyer is not only known in winning cases, but also treats his clients like family. In fact, once you’ve spoken to them, you feel confident that you understand. With their team of lawyers who have reliable experience and enormous resources, they will represent you successfully. They understand that family cases are a stressful experience for you and your family. Therefore, their goal is always to support you and get results as cheap as possible.


Divorce, custody, changes, adoptions and grandparent rights


Address: 1004 Prairie St # 300, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 538 1390
Website: https://www.tysonfamilylaw.com/


“Matt was a lifesaver during a custody issue I had with my ex-husband and his mother. He is straightforward and to the point and also very personable and easy to speak. It was so nice to have a lawyer who really cared about me and my situation. Knowledgeable and costly, Matt takes care of things that have been effective and efficient. Highly recommended. “- Susan Logan

The Larson Law Firm

Dedicated Houston custody lawyers

With their dedicated and highly personalized service as a mission and legacy, the Larson Law Office is convinced to offer all customers a tailor-made, high-quality presentation and honest communication. They make sure that what you got from your first inquiry gets better for you and your family. These attorneys individually and thoroughly address your concerns and interests with genuine concern and representation. Plus, you will feel the importance and urgency you deserve and commit to superior personal service and customer attention to you and your needs.


Divorce, custody, alimony, modification and spousal support


Address: 440 Louisiana St Ste 956, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713) 221 9088
Website: https://www.thelarsonlawoffice.com/


“I am very grateful to Erik and Diana for the help they gave my grandson with the custody case. They knew the law, were very well communicated, and personal in all aspects of the process. I highly recommend! “- Gwen Chapman

Kathryn Marteeny’s law firm

Law firm for custody cases

The Kathryn Marteeny’s law firm has in-depth knowledge of Texan law and has more than 30 years of legal experience. With careful work and appropriate client accommodation, this law firm meets the high standards of advanced legal training and ethics. In addition, they are confident in making you confident that they can solve your case successfully, right away. With a wide range of professionals with high quality and effective legal representation, they are dedicated to their practice and their clients. In fact, they will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.


Divorce, Family Law, and Estate Planning


Address: 14701 St Marys Ln # 315, Houston, TX 77079
Phone: (713) 936 2300
Website: https://www.marteenylaw.com/


“Wonderful experience with this highly effective mother-daughter team. After years of heartache and impasse, these ladies were finally able to help me regain my daughter’s rights. Thanks to Melissa’s hard work and dedication, I am now joint managing director and could not have wished for a better result. I can only recommend them both and will definitely use them again if necessary. “- Anna Felscher


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