5 smartwatches with GPS monitoring for youths

In this day and age when child delinquency has increased exponentially in India, parents are concerned about the safety of their children when they are around them. To ensure the safety of their children, they are left with no choice but to give cell phones to their children, which only increases these concerns. As parents want to track their children’s whereabouts and are concerned for their safety, they give them cellphones which make their children vulnerable to online predators. To fill in the gaps, there are several brands of GPS tracking watches on the market. These GPS tracking watches can help parents keep track of their kid’s location.

We’ve rounded up the best smartwatches for kids with GPS enabled so you can protect your child on the go. With this technology, you can have peace of mind when it comes to your child’s safety.

1. Sekyo Turbo 4G

Sekyo is India’s first and most trusted children’s smartwatch brand with audio video calling and live location qualities. Sim-enabled, Sekyo Turbo 4G acts as a standalone phone with limited features such as location tracking, Android applications, fitness and health trackers, educational games and an SOS button for child safety. It can be paired with parents’ and guardians’ mobile apps (Android and iOS) to track, monitor and stay connected with their children. These watches can also be used to support the elderly.
Price: INR 7,999 (cheaper variants available from Rs. 2499)

2. GPS tracker Turet Marshmallow Black

The Turet Marshmallow Black best kids smartwatch 2021 is a kids watch with GPS positioning, sensitive touch screen, speed dial, clock, camera, SOS call function, silent mode, time and date and voice messages. The brand calls it a cyber seat belt for youngsters growing up in a digital world. It is one of the best kids GPS tracking watch in India that saves your kid’s growth path and happy memories with family and friends.
Price: INR 3,999

3. Wearfit Champ 2G Flash Kids GPS Tracker Waterproof Watch

The smartwatch offers a GPS tracking function. Alternatively, in emergency situations, if you press and hold the SOS button on the child’s smartwatch for 3 seconds, it will call the preset numbers until someone answers the phone. You can set up to 3 SOS numbers at the same time. The watch has a 0.3 MP camera and GPS + LBS, class mode and security area. The watch only supports Micro 2G data SIM.
Price: INR 2,599

4. WatchOut Wearables

The next-gen watch can chat with all the contacts specified by the parents via real-time messaging. The two-way function for voice and video calls with a 2 megapixel camera is the USP of the product. No distractions with Class Mode, Bluetooth Music Play. With a silicone strap material type, the watch comes with charging cable and data transmission cable.
Price: INR 9,499

5. ONE4TECH smart watch for kids

GPS tracking watch for kids with touch screen and SOS voice call function. This watch is equipped with several functions such as B. Two-Way Calls, Location, Phone Book, Footprint Count, Clock Alarm, Safe Area, SOS Emergency Alarm, Low Power Alarm, Remote Shutdown, Lighting, Game, Camera, Photo Album, Auto Dial, Remote Monitoring, Geo Electronic Fence, Remote Monitoring and Class Mode.
Price: INR 2,299

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