55-year-old man beheads spouse over alleged infidelity and was arrested as she walked on the road along with her head severed

A 55-year-old Indian is said to have beheaded his wife on suspicion of an illegal affair. The shocking murder came to light after the suspect was seen walking in the street with his wife’s severed head in his hands.

Suspect Nakaphodi Majhi was arrested in Chandrasekharpur village in Odisha for the murder of his wife, 45-year-old Safala Majhi.

On Friday morning, July 15, Nakaphodi, holding his wife’s severed head, walked towards the Gonida police station when locals arrested him and handed him over to the police.

Nakaphodi and Safal reportedly married 25 years ago and have two sons, but the couple have had serious issues with each other.

They often engaged in fights as Nakaphodi suspected Safal was cheating on him with a younger man in their village, reports say.

Initial police investigations suggest the couple were involved in a violent altercation in the early hours of Friday morning that eventually escalated into a fatal assault.

Nakaphodi killed his wife by slitting her throat with a katuri (a dagger gripped by the crossbars with a clenched fist) and then beheaded her, authorities said.

“A case has been registered and an on-site investigation has been carried out. Further investigations into the matter are ongoing,” a police officer said.

A similarly shocking incident was reported in India’s Raipur district, where a 28-year-old man bludgeoned his girlfriend to death with a hammer before killing himself.

The shocking murder suicide occurred on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday July 13.

Kamlesh Kumar repeatedly attacked his 28-year-old girlfriend Archana Sahu at her rented house in Bandhwapara village with a hammer and blade. He then hanged himself to death, said Additional Superintendent of Police (West) Akash Rao Giripunje.

The crime is the result of a series of altercations between the victim and the defendant, who suspected her of infidelity. They had been in a romantic relationship for the past 12 years, the official said.

On the night of the tragedy, the accused went to the victim’s rented house and confronted her about her alleged affair with another man in the village.

Neighbors said they heard loud noises and police were alerted to the attack. When they went to the house and forced down the front door, they found the woman lying in a pool of blood, her face disfigured, and the man hanging dead from the ceiling fan.

During a search, police found a hastily scrawled note in which Kumar reportedly wrote down his doubts about Sahu’s character.

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