65-year-old man slaughters second spouse for alleged infidelity

The victim is currently being treated in hospital

Issah Dramani, 65, was arrested by Nsuta police for slaughtering his second wife, Mariama Dauda, ​​for alleged infidelity.

Superintendent Doris Amewu from the Nsuta Police Command told how the incident with Nana Ampofo – host of “Aye Hu” – a social talk show on Hot 93.9FM in Accra, happened:

“Suspect Issah Dramani and victim Mariama Dauda have been married for over twenty years, have six children and both live in Ankamadoa Nsuta in the Ashanti region … Mariama Dauda is Issah’s second wife.

In April 2021, the suspect traveled to his northern hometown and paid his first wife’s bride price.

“That the victim and the suspect were in the house without a quarrel on July 2nd around 3 pm. After 3 pm prayers the victim left the house to grow millet,” said Supt. Doris Amewu told Nana Ampofo.

According to Sup. Doris Amewu: “While she was on the farm, Issah showed up and told the victim not to grow the millet on the grounds that he suspected her of having an affair with another man while he was away. “

Sup. Doris Amewu continued, “So Issah Dramani’s accusation pierced an exchange between them that caused Issah to become excessively angry and start inflicting Cutlass wounds on the victim’s right and left hands.

Then she started calling for help, which attracted a Ben who also worked on his farm. The victim tried to run away from the suspect, but she fell to the ground and the suspect used the cutlass to slit her neck.

The heavily bleeding victim, Mariama Dauda, ​​was rushed to Mampong District Hospital and is currently being treated while her 65-year-old husband Issah Dramani has been taken into custody by Nsuta District Court to reappear on July 21, 2021.

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