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Background check sites are useful for several reasons, including protecting your loved ones and satisfying your own personal curiosity about past relationships. There are a dozen valid justifications for doing one, and with the right provider, you may get the results in a matter of minutes.

So, what exactly is a background search, how much do they typically cost, and what are the best sites to use to get quick, easy, and secure results? There is a wide range of background check services available, from the very expensive to the extremely inexpensive. So dive in to get all the answers you want.

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7 Best Background Check Services: At a Glance

  1. BeenVerified – Best Overall for Background Check 
  2. TruthFinder – Best Site for Searching Records
  3. Intelius – Best Site for Speedy Results
  4. Instant Checkmate – Best Site for Ease of Use
  5. PeopleFinders –  Best Site for Database
  6. Spokeo – Best Site for Reverse Email Lookup
  7. US Search – Best Site for Affordability

Best Background Check Sites for Accurate Results – In-Depth Review

When deciding on the best background check sites, we considered a number of different aspects. Our criteria for assessing services include ease of access to private data, cost, speed, user reviews, and functionality. To learn more about how we arrived at these rankings, please refer to the following sections.

So, without further ado, let’s get into our top-recommended background search services and the features that make them so special.

BeenVerified – Best Overall for Background Check 



  • A court runner looks for paper documents that were missed during digitization
  • Android and iOS compatible software
  • Wide range of information sources
  • Prepaying for a period of three months will result in a discount.


  • There isn’t a unified search function
  • A lack of clarity in pricing
  • Contrasted with the greatest background check services, this one isn’t as thorough

BeenVerified is one of the best background check sites because of its court runner service. This service involves a BeenVerified employee physically going to courts to get papers that have not yet been published on the company’s website. 

Two major mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) have companion apps available for use on the go.

You’re free to launch your inquiry with as few or as many pieces of information as you see fit. Save money by prepaying for three months at once.

In contrast, individual searches are not possible on the site; rather, a subscription is required. In order to view the costs, you must first finish all of the “loading” windows.

Clients are unsatisfied since the results aren’t as detailed as those provided by the best background check sites.

Checks and Screenings: 4/5

BeenVerified is one of the best background check sites, offering users access to a wide variety of resources, such as criminal records, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and email addresses. Furthermore, there are seven ways for users to conduct a search and get results.

Accuracy: 4/5

The findings from BeenVerified are typically reliable. In spite of this, it’s not always as reliable as the best background check sites. For instance, consumers have reported learning about email accounts linked to them that they have never used.

Turnaround Time: 4/5

You should expect to get your search results in around six minutes. This site’s response time is slower than all but the best background check sites.

Cost: 5/5

If you pay for one month at a time, the price is $26.89. The regular monthly fee is $24.90, but if you pay for three months at once, the monthly fee drops to $17.48.

Customer Service: 5/5

You may reach out to customer service at any time of day or night, seven days a week, from 6:00 am to 11:30 pm Eastern Time by dialing the toll-free number 866-885-6480. The company’s email address is support@beenverified.com if you’d like to contact them that way.

Overall Score: 4.3/5

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TruthFinder – Best Site for Searching Records 


  • With your membership, you may access an infinite amount of reports
  • Those who pay a subscription fee may do searches on the dark web
  • There are mobile apps for both Android and iOS
  • Provides a means of tracing a number’s owner by using their number
  • Self-Tracking Capabilities


  • There is no trial version available
  • There is a fee for downloading reports
  • Only applicable within the borders of the USA

Your monthly membership to TruthFinder, one of the best background check sites, includes an unlimited number of reports at no extra cost. Each time you do a background check, it also performs a search on the dark web.

Background searches are easily manageable on the go with dedicated apps for both iOS and Android.

TruthFinder allows you to view what information about you would be discovered in a background search by doing up-to-date reverse phone lookups and including self-monitoring tools.

On the other hand, there is no possibility of doing one search. A monthly membership fee is required to use the database. There is an additional fee for requesting PDF downloads of your reports.

This premier background search service is restricted to legal U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Checks and Screenings: 5/5

TruthFinder gives you access to a plethora of details on a person, from their age and aliases to their car ownership and firearms licenses, and everything in between.

There are almost 40 separate types of information accessible, including Amazon wishlists, social media accounts, hunting licenses, and concealed carry permits.

Accuracy: 5/5

Positive feedback has been received regarding the reliability of the results obtained by customers utilizing TruthFinder’s top background check services.

On SiteJabber, reviewer Jim F. gave the best background check site four stars, writing, “Truthfinder.com was not only speedy, but it was also right!” No detail was spared in this exhaustive investigation.

Turnaround Time: 5/5

Since reports may be generated in as little as two or three minutes, you’ll have lightning-fast access to the data you need. Our ranking of the fastest conceivable turnaround times places this timing at #3.

Cost: 4.5/5

TruthFinder monthly subscriptions may be obtained for $28.05 USD. For those who can afford it, the bi-monthly payment plan reduces the monthly cost to only $23.28.

Customer Service: 4.7/5

The customer service hotline may be reached at 800-699-8081 between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. You may also contact us at help@truthfinder.com for assistance.

Overall Score: 4.9/5

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Intelius – Best Site for Speedy Results

Intelius is a top choice among background check providers because of the comprehensiveness and speed with which it delivers search results and reports. A 256-bit encrypted connection is used for security.

After launching in 2003, the service has been well-known for its dependability and the speed with which it allows users to find information about past crimes and specific locations.

When it comes to internet address searches, Intelius is among the top background check services since it guarantees complete anonymity. In fact, most internet users probably won’t give this any thought at all until they see how useful it may be to them.

Twenty billion public documents are at your disposal, and the Intelius Connection application allows you to establish direct links between groups of persons of interest.

Checks and Screenings: 4/5

Intelius is one of the top property record background check services since it provides services like reverse address lookup, reverse phone lookup, background check, public records search, and criminal records search.

Accuracy: 5/5

Customers have rated Intelius as one of the best background check sites due to the company’s supposedly superior report accuracy compared to the competition.

For instance, a user named “Fred” from Bunnlevel, North Carolina reviewed Intelius on Consumer Affairs and said that the service worked “just like magic!” in helping him find the person he was looking for.

Turnaround Time: 4.5/5

Intelius’s reliance on loading pages means that you may have to wait longer than five minutes for results. Among the top providers we recommend for background checks, that is the third-slowest response time.

Cost: 4.5/5

A person’s search membership begins at $24.86 per month. The regular monthly fee is lowered to $21.13 if paid for in advance for two months. Depending on your needs, the cost of a single search may be more or less.

Customer Service: 3/5

You may contact customer service at their toll-free number 888-245-1655 from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time. Emails sent to support@mailer.intelius.com will also reach customer service.

Overall Score: 4.75/5

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Instant Checkmate – Best Site for Ease of Use


  • Very exact
  • Simple to use mobile app
  • Quick and easy assistance
  • Detailed documentation
  • The Best Way to Look Up Real Estate Documents


  • Sometimes, reports take a long time to load
  • The ability to generate customized reports is unavailable

Customers have rated Instant Checkmate as one of the best background check sites because its searches are more accurate than those of its competitors. Both the mobile app and the search engine are straightforward to use, particularly when seeking social network results. Reports generated by Instant Checkmate are rather comprehensive.

However, while the report is being generated, the website is slow to load. There is a monthly membership option, like other services, but no option for a la carte reports. On the very last page of the load process, you’ll see the membership price.

Checks and Screenings: 4.5/5

Some of the potential outcomes of a background check include professional licenses, legal judgements, tax liens, hunting and fishing permits, voter registration, and guns permits.

Accuracy: 5/5

When it comes to doing background checks, Instant Checkmate is among the greatest options available. Instant Checkmate has been praised by customers who have used the industry’s leading background check services, many of whom have compared it to be more precise than its competitors.

For instance, Cynthia from Pflugerville, Texas, who is a single woman constantly being hit on by males from different nations on social media, found that “so far the services have been extremely accurate and informative.”

Turnaround Time: 4/5

It will take you 10 minutes to sign up for a membership so you can see your report since there are many loading screens. The wait period at this firm is far greater than at any of the other top-rated background check providers.

Cost: 3.5/5

The cost of a single month of service, if purchased in advance, is $36.95. If you pay for two months in advance, the monthly rate drops to $29.55.

Customer Service: 4.5/5

Toll-free customer service is at your disposal at any time between 10 AM and 10 PM Eastern Time, from Monday to Friday at 800-222-8985. A customer care email address is help@instantcheckmate.com if you prefer that method of communication.

Overall Score: 4.6/5

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PeopleFinders –  Best Site for Database


  • A single search tool
  • Options to subscribe every month
  • Superb apps for mobile devices
  • Amazing service for the customer’s


  • A hefty penalty for cancellations
  • Only the United States is encompassed by the search
  • Lack of information from social media sites

PeopleFinders provides one of the greatest customer service experiences of any background check company. It offers both a one-time search option and a membership service with automatic billing. A number of the most cutting-edge software for smartphones may be found there.

There has been nothing but rave reviews about the company’s customer service department.

Your subscription will incur a significant early termination fee if you decide to cancel it before the end of the stipulated period.

Only US-centric searches are supported at this time. The search tool for social media is nonexistent, and the available help options are minimal.

Checks and Screenings: 4.5/5

Your name, age, current and previous addresses, email, and cellphone number will all be included in the basic search results, but that’s about it.

Bankruptcies, criminal records, neighborhood details, and employment history will all be analyzed as part of the background check.

Accuracy: 5/5

Customers and critics alike have praised PeopleFinders for its high degree of accuracy, making it a consensus favorite among background check businesses. Keisha from Winterset, Iowa, for instance, said that “the content was accurate and truthful” in her assessment of the website.

Turnaround Time: 5/5

Your report may be generated by PeopleFinders in about a minute. Out of the seven best background check sites we looked at, this response time is tied for second.

Cost: 4.5/5

Searches may be purchased individually for $0.95 to $9.95. The membership price is $29.95 per month.

Customer Service: 4/5

Telephone support is available to customers at 800-718-8997 Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time, and Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:30 pm Eastern Time. Alternatively, you can use the website’s built-in contact form to get in touch with them.

Overall Score: 4.

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Spokeo – Best Site for Reverse Email Lookup


  • It’s possible to make use of some no-cost features
  • Allows you to purge data
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Maintenance of the website with frequent changes
  • Make a one-time payment


  • Disputes with clients over accuracy
  • Limitless search plans do not exist

For free access to its most fundamental features, including reverse email lookups, Spokeo ranks among the finest background check services. A nominal one-time cost will be charged for a more comprehensive background check. At any moment, you may remove your information from its listings. The layout is clean and easy to navigate, and fresh information is added often.

However, several customers have voiced concerns that the results are inaccurate or that not enough detail is provided.

Checks, and Screenings: 4.5/5

The search engine Spokeo sifts through billions of public records to provide results that can include a person’s name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, wealth information, family members, criminal records, friends, and even their LinkedIn page.

Properties, social media profiles, family trees, company files, and customer profiles are just some of the many categories of data that make up these massive data sets.

Accuracy: 4/5

Although the vast majority of users are pleased with the service, some have complained that the information is inaccurate. A reviewer named Buddy R. from SiteJabber criticized the company, saying, “adding inaccurate information brings you one step to a scammer.”

Turnaround Time: 5/5

This response time is the second-best among the finest background check services we’ve reviewed.

Cost: 5/5

We’ve knocked $1.95 off the original price of the complete name report, bringing it down to only $0.95.

Customer Service: 5/5

Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Sunday, you may contact customer service at 888-271-9562. You may also reach out to customercare@spokeo.com if you have any questions or concerns about Spokeo.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

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US Search – Best Site for Affordability


  • There are more search options than on even the best background check sites
  • Guaranteed refunds
  • Numerous searchable databases available
  • information that may be accessed by anybody


  • The reports may be more efficiently structured
  • The AI helper is very slow and useless
  • Searches that are most likely to provide positive results while being cost-effective tend to reveal just a limited amount of relevant information

US Search, which has been there since 1998, is the “grandparent” of top-tier background check companies. The service’s main feature is that you can use it to look up a single name for as little as $2.45 or do unlimited searches for $20 per month.

Background checks may be conducted quickly and easily using PeopleData with the help of US Search.

It’s possible you’ve heard of this service even if you haven’t used it before since it’s been featured as a top background check service on major news shows like 60 Minutes and The Wall Street Journal.

A wide variety of criminal records, including those involving sexual offenders, felonies, and misdemeanors, may be quickly and easily accessed using this means.

This website is one of the best background check sites, as local databases, state registries, and even nationwide database searches are all searchable. No matter what you’re looking for, this site is useful.

In addition to a plethora of options, US Search offers the most options overall. This eases the process of acquiring a wide variety of data, contributing to the site’s standing as a top contender among background check platforms.

If you choose Omni-search, you’ll also receive a search of popular social media websites. The most thorough search and the official background check will cost you around $40. 

When using the best background check sites, this background check will include not just criminal records but also major financial information like bankruptcy filings.

Checks and Screenings: 4/5

In addition to the traditional thorough background check, the best background check sites may be used to perform the following kinds of checks.

  • A reverse phone lookup
  • A search of social network sites
  • An email search
  • A search of property records
  • An examination of criminal records

Accuracy: 5/5

You may be aware of this popular background check service even if you have never used it before since it has been featured as one of the best background check sites on popular news shows.

Turnaround Time: 4/5

Getting a subscription and seeing your report will take around five minutes once you wait through the loading screens. This firm has a far longer wait time than the other best background check sites we looked at.

Cost: 4/5

Customers may pay as little as $2.45 for a single name search or $20/month to get access to an endless database.

Customer Service: 4/5

Get in touch with customer service at (888) 712-0108 any time Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Alternatively, you may send an email to support@ussearch.com.

Overall Score: 4.6/5

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Ranking Methodology for the Best Background Check Services

Access to Non-Public Information

The most important aspect of a comprehensive background check is getting your hands on private information, ideally through a credit header.

Credit headers just make up the first few lines of a credit report and don’t reveal any information that would be inappropriate for a consumer search, such as payment history or job details.

Credit headers may be used to confirm a person’s name, social security number, address, phone number, and employment details.

Access to State Records

Now, in certain jurisdictions, you may do a direct search for free or at a minimal fee by submitting a form online or in paper form. Due to the time-consuming nature of doing searches online (and maybe in certain offline databases), many people choose instead to pay for a premium search that includes relevant state and information.

In addition to public records, a premium records search may verify private ones, such as a professional license (in the state of practice), educational degrees, marriage records, death records, traffic offenses, and other crucial information that might authenticate a person’s identity and achievements.

Social Media Searches

Social media searches are increasingly being included in the screening process in case there are any obvious red flags that might impair a person’s ability to work or travel.

Free searches may just use Google to look for public names and the sites to which they connect, but paid services may use more advanced tools to look for patterns and profiles as well. 

BeenVerified does a comprehensive online search, going further than a simple Google name search, and may provide results that are suitable for a skip trace.

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Custom Background Searches

When looking for the best background check sites, it’s important to consider background checks tailored to a specific job or contractual gig, such as a babysitter or housekeeper. These may contain additional screens not included in a standard package.


When looking for the best background check sites, some businesses doing background checks emphasize their accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners or a comparable body in their marketing materials. One of the requirements might be that all applicants’ rights be fully protected and that all requirements of the law be met.

Report Information Accuracy

In addition to preventing you from fulfilling your goals, inaccurate reports might expose you to costly legal risks. In order to make a well-informed choice, you should choose one of the best background check sites that has a solid reputation for precision and reliability.

Search Customization

It’s best to use one of the best background check sites to do a comprehensive search, but not all background check sites are created equal. You need a firm that can hone down on only the information you’re interested in, whether that’s an individual’s whole criminal past or financial records. 

For your convenience, the best background check sites will offer you a variety of background screening options.

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Ease of Use

You are not a private investigator; thus, you should not need expert knowledge or special equipment to use a background check website. The best background check sites will have an intuitive interface and provide data in an understandable manner. 

For the greatest services, you want the quickest response time and the least amount of hassle.

Customer Support

The best background check sites will have a solid customer support staff that is well-versed in the industry and can answer any queries you may have. They should be able to tell you why you keep hitting dead ends in your quest. 

In addition, reputable record search services should prioritize providing useful results for their clients rather than pushing other services that may not be necessary.

When you require specific information that you can’t readily locate, a premium search engine is a terrific resource. Most commercial services will compile the data and provide it to you in a clear and structured way.

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Guide to Background Checks

For those looking to utilize the best background check sites, these services are useful when a company, organization, or person wishes to learn more about another party before engaging in professional or personal interactions with them. 

This article provides an in-depth look at what a background check is, how it works, and the information it can reveal. We will also examine the best background check sites available.

What is a background check?

The internet is a vast and unorganized place, but a reliable background check service will explore it thoroughly to find any and all relevant information on the individual you’re looking for. In theory, you could discover most of the data the services have access to on your own, but it would take you weeks or months. In less than five minutes, a professional background check firm can sift through millions of documents and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Online background checks may uncover more than just criminal records; they can also verify an individual’s identification while revealing insights into their lives via credit histories, job data, and financial documents.

What Are The Levels of Background Checks? 

It’s possible that you don’t know about all the many kinds of background checks that exist. Realizing the distinctions may aid in placing orders and gaining a deeper understanding of the outcomes.

  • Level 1: Identity verification (Name, addresses, phone numbers, DOB, SSN, etc.)
  • Level 2: Criminal background checks (via the local police or federal authorities)
  • Level 3: Credit history and score check
  • Level 4: Motor vehicle record
  • Level 5: Educational and professional background checks
  • Level 6: Fingerprint checks
  • Level 7: Verify legal work status in the US 

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What Shows Up on a Background Check?

Background checks may range from the most basic information to in-depth criminal records checks.

The reason for the background check should dictate how detailed the report is. When doing a background check for employment at a high-level security business, for instance, you would want to go further than if you were spying on an ex-boyfriend.

Some of the most typical forms of background checks performed by businesses nowadays are

  • International background checks
  • Online Verification Systems, or E-Verify
  • Tracking a Social Security Number
  • Verification of professional credentials
  • In-depth work history checks
  • Verification of Credit History
  • Evaluating the Quality of Education
  • Verifying a person’s criminal history
  • Personal background checks
  • Analyses of social media
  • Universal background checks
  • Verifying References
  • OIG background checks

The majority will include basic information on the subject, such as the subject’s name, age, date of birth, and related phone numbers and addresses. Furthermore, it will include specifics like a person’s job background, educational background, and any criminal or arrest histories. Several more details may be investigated during a background check, such as:

  • Social media profiles
  • Licenses to bear arms
  • Liens
  • Registry of Sexual Offenders
  • Blogs 
  • Personal websites
  • Marriage licenses
  • Credit 
  • All other licenses (professional)
  • Driving history
  • And maybe even more, depending on the specifics of the background check firm and its regulations

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Background Checks for Employee and Tenant Screening

Although we won’t be reviewing the following businesses, we strongly suggest you check out their ratings on TrustPilot and the BBB before doing business with them.

Credit reports and other private government data are provided by these organizations, but they do not cater to the normal customer with solely personal concerns; rather, they’re available to businesses that meet certain requirements.

  • Checkr
  • EBI
  • GoodHire
  • Universal Background Screening
  • Sterling

The Shrewd Searcher’s Guide to Finding Quality Background Checks

People who do their own searches for safety purposes are similarly interested in the same kinds of data and should have access to similar details. When looking for the best background check sites, a Google search may turn up a plethora of genuine businesses to choose from. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when picking which one to use.

Public record accessibility is a modern idea. Decades ago, when verifying a resume, only personal references were considered by employers and lenders. Businesses and homeowners alike have found that access to unbiased data has been useful in the fight against theft, criminal activity, and subpar performance.

This is the case whether the check is being conducted by a prospective employer or a member of the federal government:

  • Felony charges, including those resulting from the sexual offender database
  • Drug abuse
  • Legal proceedings or public court documents
  • Substantial Debt and Major Financial Difficulties
  • Poor consistency in one’s job performance

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Best Background Check Sites – FAQ

What is the most accurate background check site?

BeenVerified is one of the best background check sites, and you can trust the results you get from it. Includes “Sensitive Information” such as national criminal records searches, addresses, mobile numbers, property papers, civil judgments, pictures, and other court documents.

Where Do the Best Background Check Services Get Their Information?

One’s history and present are both taken into account by the best background check sites so that you get the most accurate results. To begin, they consult documents available to the public, such as government documents, vital records, and property deeds.

The best background check sites will next look into secondary sources like online articles and news stories, social media profiles, and public records like police and court records.

Finally, they look into your professional licenses and memberships, as well as your buying history on sites like Amazon and the magazines you subscribe to.

How Do I Pick the Best Background Check Services for Me?

To get the best background check site for your needs, you should read reviews and compare features. Give serious thought to every option available to you.

Think about what matters most to you when deciding on the best background check sites, such as the variety of checks and screens available, the accuracy of the reports provided, and the time required to obtain the results.

It’s crucial to think about things like price, ease of contact with the company, and other reviews while searching for the best background check sites.

When all factors are taken into account, it’s likely that you’ll decide that TruthFinder is one of the best background check sites available. We’re well aware that this isn’t universally true or applicable.

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Why Run a Background Check?

When you need to confirm someone’s past, current, and potential actions, you do a background check. Using the best background check sites, it’s possible to uncover whether or not a candidate has a criminal history or has been in any other kind of legal issues.

In addition, it confirms the applicant’s education level, work experience, and other credentials that may be important to the position they’re applying for. A “background check” might include both criminal and non-criminal records, such as traffic offenses.

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

A background check might take anything from a few hours to a few days, depending on the company doing it. They’re usually carried out by a private firm having access to government and legal documents.

The turnaround time and any extra costs for the background check from the best background check sites will be determined by how fast you need the report. While it may be feasible for certain reports to be sent instantly, this isn’t the case for all reports.

To do a background check is lawful except in a handful of states. Yet, there are rules and regulations that must be followed in every state while doing such a search. For many state and federal employment, it is also authorized to conduct a background check.

The best background check sites will vary by jurisdiction in regard to who may use them and what information can be collected. If you need clarification on the background search rules in your state, you should speak with a lawyer.

Before making any judgments on a potential new hire, it’s recommended that you contact the unemployment office in your state and the department of human resources of your employer.

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Is It Safe to Use These Best Background Check Sites?

Yes, the best background check sites have a sophisticated encryption system in place to prevent unauthorized access.

There is zero chance that the person whose past you’re investigating will ever learn that you looked into their life.

All of your personal information, including name, email address, and credit card details, is securely stored in your customer account.

In rare cases when they must reveal member information to comply with the law, such as when a membership fee is paid, the best background check sites will only do so with your express consent.

The best background check sites also promise to never share your personal data with other parties.

An additional layer of safety offered by the best background check sites is the option to have your data deleted if you change your mind. Using this method, a person doing a background search on you via that company will likely find little to no information on you.

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Best Background Check Sites: The Takeaway

The internet has made it possible to store vast amounts of data. Locating relevant reports is the main challenge. The best background check sites and mobile applications make it easier to put your mind at ease. 

Despite best efforts to conceal them, some dirty laundry can’t be avoided in the face of thorough background searches and identification checks. You may keep yourself out of precarious positions by doing background checks on any new persons you meet, including job candidates, dates, and anyone else who could enter your life. 

Scammers may be stopped in their tracks with the help of modern technology.

You may do a self check in addition to scanning others. The internet is so vast that it’s impossible to tell what type of information could be waiting for you there. By doing so, you will ensure that you are well-prepared for crucial interviews and can keep your reputation intact.

BeenVerified  was the most impressive service because it included not only traditional background search options like criminal and sex offender records, but also surface web, dark web, and deep web searches, as well as other record searches that we weren’t able to conduct with our standard, free WhitePages-style searches.

If you have any suspicions about a new friend, date, acquaintance, talkative coworker, family member, or anybody who has been in your house, you should definitely do a background search right now.

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