8 Best Background Check Sites for Accurate Background Reports

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The best background check sites are useful whether you’re concerned for the welfare of your loved ones or you’re simply inquisitive about an old friend. There are many valid justifications for doing one, and with the right background check site, you may get the results in a matter of minutes.

What is a background check exactly? How much will it set you back, and where can you get your hands on some quick, easy, and secure results? There is a wide range of background check services available, from the expensive to the extremely affordable. Read on to learn more.




7 Best Background Check Sites – At a Glance

  1. TruthFinder: Best Overall Background Check Site
  2. Intelius: Best for Speedy Results
  3. Instant Checkmate: Best for Ease of Use
  4. US Search: Best for Affordability 
  5. PeopleFinders: Best for Public Records Database
  6. Spokeo: Best for Thorough Background Checks
  7. BeenVerified: Best for Public Records Search


Best Background Check Sites for Accurate Results – In-Depth Review

Several criteria were used to determine which background check services were the best. Our criteria for assessing services include ease of access to private data, cost, speed, user reviews, and functionality. Examine the following subsections to learn more about how we arrived at each rating.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the greatest background check services and what makes them so special.


TruthFinder: Best Background Check Site Overall


  • Tools for self-monitoring
  • Outstanding people-finding features
  • Unlimited background checks


  • Pricey in comparison to other options

TruthFinder provides a wide variety of various background check capabilities, including those that cover both public and exclusive databases, as well as tools for self-monitoring, so that users can see what information about them may  be found in other people’s searches.

TruthFinder is a background check service that provides a variety of features that you might anticipate seeing with other similar services. Along with searches that include both public and exclusive databases, it also has the ability to find prospective acquaintances and family in your search topic.

The self-monitoring features provided by the TruthFinder platform allow you to see your profile as it appears to prospective employers and other users doing searches. Through the use of TruthFinder, you even have the ability to assert ownership of a specific record. By doing this, you will have the ability to fix any factual mistakes that it contains or conceal them from other users of TruthFinder.

TruthFinder is an excellent platform in terms of its ability to locate individuals, and it delivers a lot of information pertaining to the individual that you are looking for. The capacity to do infinite background checks is yet another important advantage of this situation. 

The cost of the program, which averages approximately $30 a month, is the primary disadvantage; nevertheless, if you plan to make frequent use of TruthFinder, the money spent will undoubtedly be well spent. Read more about what it has to offer in this TruthFinder review.



Intelius – Best Background Check Site for Speedy Results


  • Paid access and individual reports are available
  • Good presentation of information
  • Observer of social networks


  • Costly in comparison to similar options.

Background checks conducted by Intelius are more comprehensive than those conducted by many other companies. If you’re attempting to utilize Intelius to establish a connection with a person from your past, you may find out not just where they live, what they do for a living, and how much money they have, but also what schools they attended.

Intelius suggests its service for finding long-lost friends, researching potential employers, and seeing your own background check results, among other things. In addition to letting you see who’s contacting you, it also displays information about the home you’re interested in. The service is efficient at delivering the data you need and protects your privacy by not recording your search activity.

A comprehensive background check may be as simple as a phone book query, but Intelius provides seven different options to suit your needs. All of them need a paid subscription if you wish to use them regularly. The monthly membership fees are comparable across plans, while trial periods are priced differently.

Intelius is well-known for its user-friendly interface in addition to its comprehensive database. We still rank this as a top background check service, despite the company’s rather perplexing charging policies. Moreover, we like the graph-like representation of relationships that Intelius uses to make linkages clear.

If you like what you see from Intelius, you can subscribe for almost $25 per month. It’s money well spent.



Instant Checkmate – Best Background Check Site for Ease of Use


  • Superior Search Engines
  • Timely and precise information
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness
  • The subscription model allows for an unlimited number of reports.


  • There is no option for a single report.

A people search service, Instant Checkmate compiles its information by searching via public records. The program is easy to use and provides access to a vast amount of information, such as a person’s contact information and previous legal history. The service’s lengthy series of inquiries and cautions before giving a report may be frustrating, and neither are the results.

By entering a person’s name, city, and state, you may do a search for them in Instant Checkmate. In addition, Instant Checkmate has a reverse phone search function, albeit it is buried a little. You will be given a list of probable matches after doing a search, and you will have the ability to get a comprehensive report on any individual on that list.

Due to the fact that the service only looks through public data, there is no information that can be found via Instant Checkmate that cannot be found elsewhere. However, the site does cover a lot of ground, since reports include information about real estate, automobiles, relatives, weddings, and even bankruptcy. 

Additionally this tool will inform you whether the person you’re looking for is a registered sexual offender, if they have a gun license, and if they currently hold any record be it an arrest, criminal or of a traffic offence nature. Furthermore, it will inform you if they possess a gun license.

When compared to other search engines, this service provides you with a much increased amount of data, making it one of its most appealing features. Instant Checkmate’s search functionality is cumbersome since it necessitates clicking through many windows before seeing the final report. 

However, if you are able to get beyond this shortcoming, using Instant Checkmate is not too complicated. The price of the monthly subscription, which includes limitless reports on people, is about $35 per month.



PeopleFinders – Best Background Check Site for Large Public Records Database


  • Website that is simple to navigate
  • Uncovers data some competitors don’t 
  • Fantastic mobile apps
  • Purchase individual reports here
  • Reporting that is both affordable and thorough


  • No information from social media

As its name implies, PeopleFinders is primarily a people-locating service, which it does well. It’s a simple web tool that searches public databases to let you find out more regarding someone with simply their identity, cell phone number, physical location, or email address. Choose between purchasing one case report or gaining access to limitless reports and searches.

PeopleFinders provides several options for doing a search. You may search for someone by entering their name along with their city of residence as well as their email address, cell phone number, or even a registered physical address. 

PeopleFinders provides a list of probable results for name queries with many possible matches, including age and identifiable family members, to assist you in narrowing your search. This is crucial, since many comparable search tools require payment before revealing whether or not they include relevant results.

PeopleFinders provides flexible price tiers to meet your needs. There are two types of reports available for a single person: a search report with just basic name and address the other option contains a background report including property,criminal , and court records. A monthly membership gives you access to an infinite number of reports.

We found its coverage to be extensive, and it revealed information that its competitors missed. PeopleFinders provided information that other sites lacked, such as the existence of a corporation held by one of the subjects being researched.

However, it is weak in the domain of the internet, since it does not provide social media data and its website is region-locked to the United States. However, if you intend to utilize it for an extended period of time, it is among the most cost-effective solutions, with a monthly pricing of under $25 and a one-month promotional price of only $10.



Spokeo – Best Background Check Site for Complete Criminal Records


  • Constantly evolving reports
  • Caller ID lookups for reverse calls
  • In-depth research on the Internet


  • Names may be mismatched in online searches

By using email addresses or other forms of identification verification, Spokeo offers users access to what it claims to be a vast array of authoritative sources.

Reports will be updated often as new data becomes available. You may use Spokeo to learn about a person’s interests, educational background, financial standing, online dating profile, and even their gaming and music accounts.

However, some of the searches were not successful; some names were transposed, indicating a lack of human oversight.

Still, it’s hard to argue with Spokeo’s accolades because of its ability to do a reverse phone call identity lookup on those pesky spam calls.



US Search – Best Background Check Site for Affordability


  • The results of a search have no cost associated with them
  • Actual, current information
  • Cost-effective reports
  • Information on how to get in touch with the authors is included in the reports
  • Strong Query Capabilities


  • A lack of a “buy only one” report option

US Search not only provides background checks, but also lets you time travel by recreating the Yahoo experience of 1998. However, it looks like US Search has so far been spending more in comprehensive search choices and outstanding pricing points because of the lack of site design expenditure.

US Search will provide a lengthy shortlist of search results based on the information you provide, whether it be a name, mobile number, email account , or physical address. US Search does not charge to access its people-search results, unlike many competing services. 

However, access to an entire individual’s report is available for a fee, nevertheless you will be able to view the shortlist so you can select the proper person.

The reports include standard pieces of data including a person’s name, current and previous homes, assets, and criminal history. To help you contact the individual that you’re looking for, they include any contact information they have, such as a phone number, email address, or social media account. 

In this way, US Search may be very helpful when trying to track down a long-lost acquaintance or family.

Prices range from the purchase of a single report to a monthly membership that allows for an infinite number of searches.



BeenVerified – Best for Public Records Search


  • Lookup of unclaimed property
  • Several choices for entering data
  • Outstanding for professional experience
  • Affordable membership plans


  • No reports available for purchase
  • Barrier that requires payment to access search results

BeenVerified is a free service that uses publicly available information to do a quick and easy background check on anybody in the United States. You may do a search by entering a person’s name,  phone number, street address, email address, username, or VIN.

You will then be shown a list of probable matches, and you will be able to get a complete report for any one of them by downloading it from the website. Details such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal history, and social media profiles are included in the report.

However, unlike with other people-finding services, you won’t be able to access other documents such as those pertaining to firearms licenses, traffic tickets, and the like.

BeenVerified also provides an unclaimed property search, which is not available on many other companies search tools. If you or someone you know may be entitled to unclaimed funds or property from a state, you may do a search to find out. 

Although similar search capabilities can be found on the official state websites of most countries, having this unclaimed property search option available via BeenVerified is a welcome bonus.

BeenVerified provides all the standard features of a background check, and it excels in one area: revealing past jobs. You may only buy reports in bulk from BeenVerified, not for an individual. Instead, you’ll need to pay a recurring monthly fee for access to an infinite number of reports. 

Depending on your needs, you may subscribe for either one month at a time or three consecutive months at once.

The outcomes are reliable, and the subscription costs are reasonable; precisely what we look for in a background check provider. BeenVerified is a good option for anyone looking for a tool that excels at the fundamentals.


Ranking Methodology for the Best Background Check Sites

Access to Non-public Information

Having access to private information, ideally from a credit header, is the first step in doing a thorough premium background check.

Credit headers only provide basic information about a person’s credit history and do not reveal any details about their finances or work that may be inappropriate for a casual internet search.

An individual’s credit header may be used to confirm their name, date of birth, social security number, address, mobile number, and employment details.

Access to State Records

Direct searches are now available in several states for zero or modest costs, provided a form is submitted either electronically or physically. Due to the time-consuming nature of doing searches online (and maybe in certain offline databases), many people choose instead to invest in a premium search that also includes relevant state information.

In addition to public records, a premium records check may verify private ones, for instance marriage records, a professional certification (in the practicing state), death records, educational degrees, traffic offenses, and other crucial information that might authenticate a person’s identity and achievements.

Social Media Searches

Social media searches are increasingly being included in the screening process in case there are any obvious red flags that might impair a person’s ability to work or travel.

While Google’s database of public names and linked sites may be all that’s available for free searches, paid background check services may make use of software that looks for patterns and individual profiles. TruthFinder does a comprehensive online search, going further than a simple Google name lookup, and may provide results that are suitable for a skip trace.

Custom Background Searches

Background checks tailored to a certain job or contractual gig, such as a babysitter’s or housekeeper’s, might comprise a battery of additional screens not included in a standard set.


The National Association of Professional Background Screeners or a comparable body may accredit certain background check businesses, according to their advertising. The utmost adherence to the law and the protection of applicants’ rights may be requirements for qualifying.

Report Information Accuracy

Inaccurate reporting might leave you open to costly liabilities in addition to making it difficult for you to achieve your requirements. Your ability to make an educated choice will be aided by the accuracy and expertise of the best background check services.

Search Customization

Casting a broad net is a good thing, but background checks differ from one another. If you want to zero down on anything particular like a person’s work history or financial documents, you’ll need a service that can hone in on those specifics. 

A superior service for doing background checks will provide you with several degrees of screening options, ensuring that you will always get the information that is pertinent to your circumstances.

Ease of Use

You don’t have to be a private investigator and have any special technical knowledge to use a background check website. The most reliable background check services will have an intuitive interface and provide data in an understandable manner. If you want the quickest and most convenient service, you need to choose one that offers both.

Customer Support

The best background check sites will have a helpful and knowledgeable customer service department ready to answer any queries you may have. They ought to be able to inform you why your search continues coming up empty, if for any reason your search keeps hitting brick walls. 

In addition, a good record search service should prioritize providing useful results for its consumers rather than pushing more, unrelated searches on them.

If you require information that you can’t easily locate, a sponsored search is an excellent option. Most commercial services will compile your data and provide it to you in an understandable and well-structured style.



Guide to Choosing the Best Background Check Site

Background check sites are a tool that may be used when an individual, a corporation, or an organization needs information about another person prior to engaging in a personal or professional engagement with that person. This tool is straightforward to use and handy. 

A thorough explanation of what a background screening entails, how it operates, and the many kinds of information it might uncover can be found in the following tutorial.

What Is a Background Check?

When you request a background check online, the business diligently researches the subject throughout the web. Background check companies have access to documents that you might potentially uncover yourself, although it would take you months or weeks at best to compile the information you need. 

In less than five minutes, a professional background check firm can scan through millions of documents and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Online background checks may uncover more than just criminal records; they can also validate an individual’s identification while revealing details about their life, such as their credit history, job, and financial standing.

What Are the Levels Of Background Checks?

Someone can do a lot more than you may imagine with a background check. Understanding the distinctions between different types of searches may aid in placing orders and gaining a deeper knowledge of the outcomes. 

  • Level 1: Authentication of identity using the subjects Name, home address, phone contact, date of birth, and more
  • Level 2: Criminal history searches (via the federal authorities or local police)
  • Level 3: Searches of credit history and credit scoring
  • Level 4: Driving history
  • Level 5: Background checks for employment and education
  • Level 6: Fingerprint scans
  • Level 7: Confirm your right to work in the US



What Shows up on a Background Check?

From the most superficial to the most in-depth, there is a wide range of background check options available.

The reason for the background check should dictate how detailed the report is. If you want to keep tabs on an old girlfriend or old boyfriend, you probably won’t look as far into his life as you would if you were conducting a background check to work for a top-tier security agency.

The most typical forms of background checks performed by businesses nowadays are:

  • Tracking a Social Security Number
  • Employment verifications by checking of past records
  • Evidence of Education Status
  • Verifying Criminal Records
  • In-depth records checks for everyone
  • Performing OIG background checks
  • Electronic Verification of Employment
  • Verification of credit History
  • Be sure to verify all references
  • Research on the credentials of professionals
  • Analyses of social media
  • Verification of identities across borders
  • Verifying One’s Character

The majority will include basic information on the individual, such as their name, age, date of birth, and contact information. Additional information, such as a person’s criminal and arrest histories, work and educational background, and references, will also be included. Here are some more details that may be uncovered in a background check:

  • Diverse Professional Authorizations
  • Loan History
  • Registration of Citizenship
  • Photographs
  • Relatives
  • References
  • Marriage certificates
  • Documented past experience behind the wheel
  • Military documentation
  • Lists of sexual offenders in registries
  • In the realm of social media, one’s “profile”
  • Blogs
  • Licenses to bear arms
  • Bankruptcies
  • Pages on the free encyclopedia Wikipedia
  • Individual Online Presences
  • Aliases
  • And much more, according to the firm that does your background check and the standards it adheres to

Background Checks for Employee and Tenant Screening

We won’t be reviewing the following businesses, but you should check out their TrustPilot and BBB ratings before giving them any money. This is because our list concentrates on personal and preventative searches that safeguard the customer.

Credit reporting and certain private classified material are offered by these businesses, but they do not cater to the normal customer with simply personal concerns.

The Shrewd Searcher’s Guide to Finding Quality Background Checks

Consumers who do their own private searches for safety purposes are similarly interested in the same types of data and should have access to similar information. Even though there are many genuine background check firms that can be found with a simple Google search, not all of them are created equal.

Public records searchability is a modern innovation. Decades ago, when verifying an applicant’s credentials, only personal references were employed. Throughout the years, commercial and residential searches have found an impartial information source to be essential in their efforts to deter theft, crime, and subpar performance.

The standard information sought in a modern background check is the same whether conducted by a private company or the federal government.

  • Legitimate legal proceedings or public court documents
  • Felony charges, including those located in the sexual offenders database
  • Work performance that fluctuates wildly from day to day
  • Use of addictive Substances
  • Debt and severe monetary difficulties



Best Background Check Sites – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Accurate Background Check Site?

When it comes to doing background checks, no other service compares to TruthFinder. It offers “Sensitive Information,” such as criminal background checks, phone numbers, addresses, property papers, civil judgements, photographs, and other court documents throughout the country.

Why Run a Background Check?

When you need to confirm someone’s past, current, and potential actions, you do a background check. To see whether a person has been arrested or been in any other kind of legal difficulty, for instance, many organizations do background checks.

It also confirms the applicant’s work experience, and other credentials, as well as their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. When people talk about “background checks,” they’re usually referring to both non-criminal and criminal records (for example traffic violations).

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

A background check might take anything from a few hours to several days to complete, depending on the company doing the check. They are usually carried out by a third party firm having access to government and legal documents.

The turnaround time is determined by how fast you need the report back and if there are any extra costs for the background check. However, not all reports can be generated instantly, even if offered by certain firms.

Are Background Check Services Legal?

Most states recognize the legitimacy of doing criminal history checks. But there are regulations and rules that must be followed in every state while doing such a search. Checking applicants’ backgrounds is also allowed for many state and federal government jobs.

Both the types of people who may utilize background investigation services and the types of information that can be collected via them vary by jurisdiction. For this reason, if you need clarification on the background check rules in your state, you should seek the advice of legal counsel.

Because of this, before making any hiring choices, you should contact the unemployment office in your state and your company’s human resources department.

Best Background Check Sites: The Takeaway

The internet has made it possible to store vast amounts of data. The most difficult component is obtaining access to the necessary reports. Online and mobile background check services make it easier to put your mind at ease. While background and identification checks may help uncover some unpleasant surprises, they can’t always catch everything. 

Nevertheless, you may prevent unpleasant encounters with new individuals in your life by doing background checks on them before you let them in. For example, reverse phone lookups may be used to foil telemarketers’ plans.

You may do a self-check as well as a background check on anybody else. Considering how vast the internet is, it’s impossible to tell what information could be available. You can preserve your reputation and improve your preparedness for crucial interviews by doing a thorough self-check.

Compared to the free WhitePages-style searches we’re accustomed to completing on our own, TruthFinder really stood out since it featured not just sex offender and criminal history searches, it also included surface web, deep web, and dark web searches, as well as other record searches.

If you have any concerns about a new acquaintance, date friend, talkative coworker, family member, or anybody who has been hanging around your house, you should definitely have a background check done right away.



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