A Pennsylvania man confesses on the police station that he killed his spouse preventing for infidelity

via WNEP:

PLYMOUTH, PA (WNEP) – Police say Daniel Barrett, 40, of Plymouth, confessed to killing his wife at their home on Gaylord Avenue in Plymouth after an argument on Saturday.

According to court records, Barrett went to the Plymouth Police Station at around 5 p.m. Monday and confessed that he killed his wife, Mary Barrett.

Barrett told police it started with an argument when Barrett accused his wife of cheating on him. After she admitted to “hanging out with another man,” Barrett said he hit her and knocked her to the ground near the fireplace in the house.

After Barrett’s confession, police went home where a trail of blood led them to the woman’s body in the basement. Barrett told police he remembered punching his wife and knocking her to the floor by the fireplace, but said he then passed out. When he came to, he held fireplace tongs over his head and hit her with them. Barrett said he continued to hit her with them before getting a knife and stabbing her in the back before dragging her body into the basement.

Barrett is being held at the Lucerne County Correctional Facility without bail for murder.

According to WOLF TV reports, Mary Barrett was found with a hole in her skull. Daniel said when he came to he went to splash water on his face and heard a noise from Mary Barrett. Then he allegedly pulled her down the stairs and into the basement and left her there.

Barrett confessed to police that he and Mary Susan Barrett were involved in the dispute on Jan. 9. Barrett said he didn’t return to the basement until Sunday to cover Mary Barrett with a sheet.


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