A person in India beheads his spouse on suspicion of infidelity after which walks for miles together with her severed head

A man allegedly beheaded his wife and walked seven miles with her severed head to the police station in Odisha, India.

Nakaphodi Majhi, 55, allegedly suspected his wife Sachala Majhi of infidelity and murdered her slits her throat with a katuri, a sharp dagger, during a heated altercation at around 3:30am on July 15 in the Dhenkanal district of Odisha.

Majhi then reportedly beheaded Sachala before walking seven miles to the nearest police station with her severed head.

Residents of Chandrasekharpur village were shocked when Majhi was arrested on his way to Gondia police station. He was reportedly arrested by witnesses in the village of Jankira and informed the police.

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The Joranda police arrested Majhi and registered a case against him. The police found them too bloodstained weapon Majhi had set in on the crime.

The investigations are currently ongoing.

Majhi and the late wife were married for 25 years. Police say they have two sons.

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