A sensible pockets with anti-theft, anti-loss and GPS monitoring

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Even with the advent of mobile payment, most of us still have credit cards, IDs, membership cards, and sometimes even cash with us. The best way to keep all of these things together is to use a wallet. When you’re satisfied with a simple old wallet, it’s time to move on to the smart wallet introduced by Arista Vault. The simple folded leather wallet for cards and cash has seen some reinvention recently, with a new influx of smart wallets on the market.
You may be wondering why you need your wallet to be smart. What if your wallet is lost?
Arista Vault’s wallet bot offers a wallet with unique features like tracking capabilities so you can get an alert when you leave them and keep track of their location on a map on your phone. Another common feature is RFID skimming protection to prevent criminals from stealing card information.
Arista safe products have fantastic features like:
1. Anti-lost / anti-theft: Smart Wallet has an anti-lost / anti-theft alarm. Whenever your wallet is misplaced or lost, your mobile phone will find it and find your wallet with the help of a pickpocket alarm.
2. GPS tracker: You can easily track your wallet with your mobile card via the GPS locator or card tracking function.
3. Disconnection Alarm: A built-in alarm that starts ringing automatically at 20m away, which allows you to track your cellphone
4. Selfie button: A selfie button function is also available in the wallet, with which you can simply click on selfies with many people.
5. Charging with electricity: Smart Wallet has a 3000 MHz charging function. With this feature, you can charge your phone anywhere.
6. Design leather: Premium leather that is heat and cut resistant, specially developed for hold electronics.
7. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification): This means that every card in your wallet is secure and no one can access it.

Set up your wallet quickly and easily with your smartphone. The mobile app allows you to ping the tracker card so it plays a sound so you can find your wallet quickly. So don’t hesitate and buy from our exclusive range of wallets. visit https://www.aristavault.com/

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Arista Vault is an innovative technology company that makes smart products and gadgets to make human life easy and safe. It is a global brand that is present in various technologies and innovations, as well as in research and development. We create several smart products that help people in their daily hectic and make human life easier with smart solutions.

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