A trustworthy retelling of the infidelity story “Planes, Trains and Cars” that was left on the slicing room flooring

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Coming from the theater, I was used to rehearsing for three weeks, but it was all done very quickly. For example, John Hughes gave me this new call he wrote for me to memorize and shoot the next day. I’m not a fast learner, so I put these cheat sheets on set so I could have a peek during the call, which of course they ended up cutting.

I had a scene in the kitchen with my mom where I cried. There was a phone call in the bedroom that got me concerned. That call was a little controversial, I think, if I remember correctly. These scenes were done with someone else reading the lines. I only worked with Steve for two days, maybe three at most – just when he came home, and then for Thanksgiving dinner, which again was mostly cut.

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“A lot of people talked to me about that last scene – even Kevin Kline”

That final scene was played like this: “Thank God it wasn’t a woman keeping him away. It’s this wonderful man.” A lot of people read into that scene and a lot of people talked to me about it. Kevin Kline even talked to me about it. He said to me, “I love that scene where you come down the stairs. It is so beautiful.”

There’s something that really appeals to people about this scene, I get a lot of compliments on it. If there’s something mysterious about my facial expression, people might read it and project their own feelings onto it.

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“I knew nothing about the cuts until the premiere”

It was tough realizing that so much of my role and storyline had been cut because I thought I must have been awful or that they didn’t like what I was doing. And I didn’t know about the cuts until the premiere – nobody tells you these things. But someone assured me that the film just ran way too long. And of course, who are you going to cut? Obviously the story revolves around the two boys.

In any case, I’m very proud to have been a part of Planes, Trains & Automobiles and I’m glad it still resonates. After all, it’s a sweet film with a beautiful message: don’t judge a book by its cover, and everyone has a story, often ignorant of it; So you must have empathy for everyone who crosses your path.

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