A upkeep calculator for empowering divorced ladies

March 9, New Delhi: With divorce rates soaring in India, it is equally important for estranged women to take reasonable steps to maintain their standard of living. Support plays a crucial role here for an estranged woman to have a sense of empowerment and financial freedom when the money is properly managed.

DSP Mutual Fund has launched a maintenance calculator designed to help estranged women understand their current and future expenses, and thus the corpus required to cover expenses that will not change their current lifestyle. However, based on his contributions, it is recommended that you consult a legal advisor before making any decisions.

The calculator gives an idea of ​​the amount of child support required to calculate household, utility, medical, insurance, entertainment, vacation, and child support expenses, among other things. They are then asked to add their income, inheritance, paternal support, and current bank balance to determine the corpus required.

Even if an estranged woman earns less than her ex-partner’s income, she will still receive maintenance. Even if she does not earn money, the court takes into account her age, education and earning potential in order to determine the amount of maintenance.

“A general lack of knowledge, combined with emotions that take precedence over logical thinking, often leads to a distorted division of marital property. Our alimony calculator aims to equip women with the math necessary to figure out the corpus needed for them to continue their lifestyle while being very fair to the other party, “said Aditi Kothari Desai , Director (Sales) of DSP Investment Managers.

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