After years of attempting, might this be the yr of abandonment? | Letters to the Editor – South Florida Solar Sentinel

Here we are trying again to reform Florida maintenance laws. House Bill 1559 and Senate Bill 1922 were tabled in Tallahassee this week. This is the fourth time in recent years Florida has attempted to bring the maintenance law into the 21st century. Many citizens cannot believe that there is still maintenance, and it doesn’t end when you retire, only when you expire. It is a debtors’ prison for many Floridians. The person receiving the alimony only needs to remain single to continue receiving it. Ex-spouses who have been married for at least 10 years are even entitled to 50% of the social security of the maintenance payer. Even pensions that the ex-spouse receives do not reduce maintenance payments, and neither does the inheritance. Let’s see if Governor DeSantis, hopefully president, will respond to these bills moving through the legislature. Former Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bills and warmed the hearts of family lawyers across the state. Florida is one of the last states to reform maintenance – is anyone surprised?

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