AI, GPS monitoring and geofencing are getting lawless e-scooter drivers on their toes Information

The first wave of e-scooter drivers seemed determined to provoke. A woman was convicted of drink-driving and banned for two years, while a man in a bobble hat was filmed driving wheelies on a two-lane road at 50 mph.

With the help of state-of-the-art AI technology, GPS tracking and geofencing, e-scooter operators are now introducing some manners into the processes and releasing tensions between drivers, pedestrians and drivers.

Over the past six months, operators who rent e-scooters in government-approved trials in 28 cities from Bournemouth to Liverpool have learned lessons from Europe, Israel and America in an attempt to engage the public.

In Northampton, e-scooters use computer vision and AI technology to detect pedestrian presence and slow down from a top speed of

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