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Things are to get out of control, for what started out as a simple memory is now confronted Chantal others and Alessandra Rosaldo for an old love

It was from the first season of the reality show Amazon Prime: “On a trip with the Derbez”, when the eldest daughter of Hollywood actor Eugenio Derbez an old wound on the Singer’s life.

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While the family was having breakfast on their impressive journey through breakfast Morocco, the ex-wife of Mauricio Ochmann revealed that Rosaldo had a relationship with “The greatest daredevil” Many years ago.

Between laughter and nervousness, all members of the Derbez dynastyThey made fun of the actress and made her feel excited and red at the memory of her first love.

Very little has been reported about the star’s previous relationships. Photo: IG / alexrosaldo

Like a Pandora’s box, memory revealed only a few unknowns in the relationship between the two singers in their youth, that of Alessandra a few days earlier.

Alessandra Rosaldo reveals her relationship with “El Temerario Mayor”

It was at the beginning of November when the singer of “Opposite senses“Went to the singer’s podcast Karla Diaz, Pinky promise, accompanied by Ari Borovoy and they revealed several secrets.

One of the issues that was most important to both those in attendance and their followers was a knowledge of the true story and completely from the relationship they had Many years ago the singers because it was an episode that wasn’t much talked about.

It is worth noting that the relationship took place when the singer was 23 years old, and once she came to the “Bulldog” club in Sullivan, where she went frequently, and there met Adolfo Ángel Alba, also known as “El Temerario Mayor” who invited her to his table to share a moment with him.

“Adolfo was a conqueror, he was a Don Juan. And it was one of those personalities that surrounds you and makes you fall in love, and that little by little … And he was also a gentleman, and then too Los Temerarios were Los Temerarios, then it was very easy to fall in love, and he is a great guy, ”he said on the show.

But without a doubt, the star shocked everyone by sharing this hot romance that lasted only a year and a half, and overnight it ended without warning when he left for a renowned actress, Chantal Others.

The actress had stayed out of the allegations. Photo: IG / chanaandere

Without giving details, Eugenio Derbez’s wife did not dare to give details, but she left the picture of Chantal pretty badhow it was third to be discorded.

Chantal Others defends himself

During those two weeks the role is that the 49-year-old actress played, as it was pointed out as the culprit that the courtship between the actors was not working.

But now it was Others who decided to put an end to the rumors and attacks against him and the star’s version of “Opposite senses“.

So far, the actress has not responded to Chantal’s statements. Photo: IG / alexrosaldo

The daughter of the first actress, Jacqueline others was seen leaving the 1,200 performances of the musical The madmen’s cage, where she was invited as a godmother.

As diplomatic as her habit, the soap opera villain decided to “hit Rosado with a white glove” and assured her that she must have been confused as it never happened.

“No, the truth is, I’m not even interested in talking badly about other people, I’m here to talk about the project and you know I never get into gossiping. It wasn’t me, that is, I didn’t go with him; We knew each other, but not, ”said Chantal.

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