Alimony dispute traces are forming for the 2020 Legislative Session

The fight over alimony reform continues during the 2020 legislative session, with both sides making big strides to prepare for the next round of the fight.

It’s no secret that Florida Politics has criticized maintenance reformers in the past for harsh and insensitive comments on social media.

Regardless of your opinion on lifelong alimony (and we certainly have strong opinions on the subject), next session’s fight could be the toughest yet.

That’s because the leading alimony reformers have stepped up their actions and taken them to another level. A battle formerly fought by the Florida Family Law Reform PAC is now led by the new Fairness of the Florida family Group.

Tampa attorney MarcJohnson is a leading member of the new group, which claims bad behavior by some former members has given support reform a negative rap from some lawmakers.

Florida Family Fairness cuts the bait on the troublemakers and starts over.

“Attribution, personal attacks and questionable behavior are unacceptable. We’ll continue to focus on the issue and help educate lawmakers, Governor [Ron] DeSantis and the public,” Johnson said. “Divorce doesn’t have to destroy a family. Florida’s current child support laws are hurting families.”

To help them, Florida Family Fairness has increased its bank significantly. You have hired Ballard Partners and business for public affairs McNicholas & Associates with offices in Palm Beach, Tallahassee and Charleston, SC.

This has rubbed some of the pro-reform keyboard warriors the wrong way, but we say good riddance on nasty and cowardly social media sites run by the likes Debbie Leff-Kelapire and Elvina Bergmann Kallett. Pages that, I need to remind you Alimony compared to slaverycalled Rep. Bob Rommel a “one-man dictatorship” and referred to women as “leeches”.

Also Terry Power shows itself from its best side. He returned to Florida from Texas and is no longer a refugee. We hear he’s settling his case with his ex-wife.

Time to make the donuts!

Not to be outdone or inferior, the Florida Bar’s Family Law Section maintains Smith, Bryan & Myers. The East Park team will certainly have history on their side, as alimony reform has raged for the last six years, largely due in part to the work of Nelson Diaz and Southern Strategy Group. Diaz apparently made the decision to step down from the family law department at the end of the past meeting.

This one is almost as good as NBA Free Agency. I would start popping my popcorn now. 2020 is sure to be a wild ride.

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