Alimony not fair: Justice Minister


Turkey’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag has said he finds long-term alimony payments “not fair” while answering a question on the duration of alimony payments for divorce cases.


“Couple getting married for a month. The alimony is paid for life. I think that’s wrong. Permanent alimony payments are not fair,” Bpzdağ said in a television interview at the end of April.

To date, “the issue of alimony is not a big deal,” the ministry said, because the divorce rate has historically been low.

“Now almost every family has a divorce,” he said.

The number of divorces and marriages in the country increased in 2021, the country’s statistical institute (TÜİK) announced in February.

“The number of divorce cases increased from 137,000 in 2020 to 174,000 in 2021,” it said. “The number of married couples increased by 15.02 percent to reach 561,710 in 2021.”

Without giving a timetable, the justice minister stressed that the number of alimony decisions in consensual divorces is about 30,000.

“A total of around 180,000 contested divorce proceedings are pending. Maintenance decisions are made in around 55,000 of them,” Bozdağ noted.

He highlighted that there is a demand to limit the duration of alimony payments and stressed: “We need to determine the intensity of the demand. We need some time for a solution.”


The limitation of maintenance was the subject of a court decision in Turkey until 1988.

After a change in the law, permanent maintenance has been practiced ever since.

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