Alleged infidelity: Oritsefemi’s former supervisor speaks out when she takes his spouse’s facet [ARTICLE]

The music star is accused of staining his married home.

In a long post shared via her Instagram page on Monday February 8, 2021, talent manager Oritsefemi slammed for his adulterous lifestyle and diminished brand.

Singer, Oritsefemi and wife, Nabila Fash.

Singer, Oritsefemi and wife, Nabila Fash.

“I tend to be silent in the media … but this time I have to say this publicly for the record. I know where my loyalties lie. @Nabila.fash … hold your head up. You were the one who begged I managed it and done a lot for you, “she wrote.

“I spent my money to finance his tours and I never paid a dime back or received any compensation. He stranded me in Europe, but thank goodness I have decent friends in this life around the world … I just have that run like that because I know how to earn money with my other businesses that pay me. “

“I kept all the memories and a lot of ugliness from that time a secret, not only to protect his career and his severely degraded brand, but also to protect you and your marriage. I fought people almost physically and almost against him struggled to get him to behave. ” .. hmm … and in spite of everything, I am glad that you know that I have remained true to our friendship, even if we have not spoken. “

According to Kara, the reason she kept a lot of information from Nabila was because she didn’t want to cause a problem with her marriage.

“I kept quiet because I didn’t want to be the one causing problems between the two of you. Marriage is sacred to me. Pray and focus on the blessings that come your way. No one can recognize your pain or heal you better than God I can glad we talked … it’s not easy to be married to someone so … um … disrespectful … not just yourself, but God, “she added.

“I respected you with my silence … I did my best and it took 3 years for God to open these cans of worms. I can say that publicly now. I know the agony that made you to write these posts on Instagram. I don’t expect that from anyone else. ”

“Keep your pain in check. I sympathize with you. I am here for you. It’s time to heal … whatever you choose, make God your center #Womensupportwomen #publicsupport.”

In her response, Nabila thanked Kara for standing by her side throughout their marriage.

She also shared how Oritsefemi manipulated both of them.

“He manipulated both of us, but we stopped talking. Look at God, my love, he does things at the right time! I know you stayed quiet to respect me! A few months ago I stayed quiet to protect my brand, customers, family and everyone! ”she wrote.

Oritsefemi and Mrs. Nabila

Oritsefemi and Mrs. Nabila

“The world begged, he begged publicly, I had no choice but to forgive! But I had an ultimatum: ‘You won’t dare to respect me again’.

On Monday, February 8, 2021, Nabila Fash hinted at another possible crisis in her already rocky marriage to Oritsefemi.

According to her, a woman went to her home to have sex while she was at work.

Oritsefemi also accused the actress of being the evil behind the crisis in his marriage. [LoveWeddingNG] [Instagram/CarolynHutchings]

Oritsefemi also accused the actress of being the evil behind the crisis in his marriage. [LoveWeddingNG] [Instagram/CarolynHutchings]

In 2020, Oritsefemi and his wife were embroiled in a marriage crisis drama.

It was reported that Fash had moved out of their married home because of Oritsefemi’s infidelity.

The singer called out his wife’s girlfriend and actress, Carolina Danjuma, as the brain behind the crisis in his marriage.

After several name calls on social media, the music star reconciled with his wife.

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