Alleged infidelity triggers struggle in Tuface’s home

from Lawrence Enyoghasu and Pelumi Adewale

the The internet has been on fire since popular Nigerian actress Annie Idibia accused her husband Innocent Idibia, affectionately known as Tuface, of infidelity in a now-deleted Instagram story post.

Annie claimed the singer spent nights under the same roof with one of his baby moms, Pero, after bringing his kids to DisneyLand. She also urged Tuface to do better and also indicted the singer’s manager, Efe. Annie went on to claim that Tuface’s baby moms use the children they have with the singer to manipulate him. She also said that, despite their best efforts, Tuface’s family never found them worthy of him.

She said, “I am a patient woman, I am not a fool, innocent one! Your family never loved me from the start, no matter how hard I tried. I was never worthy of them. I made so many sacrifices for you and all of your children. God knows I tried.

“What a man takes his kids to Disney and spends the nights with his kids and their mother in the same apartment! How often have you gone to your children with Pero and she stays under the same roof with you and the children all night?

“Your baby mothers are always using your children as an excuse for all sorts of trash! I try to be friendly !! You are not the first man on the planet to have children from different women. You can do better than that. All I do is show the good person that you are !!! But today this step is unacceptable for you, Efe, Frankie and your family. “

On Twitter, Charles Idibia, a brother of Tuface, said that the singer is slowly dying, unhappy but trying to keep the peace that never existed from day one.

He accused Annie’s mother of using “juju” on her and also urged the actress to publicize the injustice his family had done her.

He said, “You married into a family of peace lovers who are so peaceful that it is even a family mistake, as I have realized. Maybe that’s why you thought we were fools, but we are not.

“It would have been a wiser move to ask your mother, who lives in one of the rooms, to put more fire in the juju pot, but as God willing, you decided today to expose yourself.

“You better finish what you started because maybe the public will all help us. Inno is slowly dying, has never seen such an unhappy man in real life, but we all need to keep the peace that never existed from day one.

“The Idibia family never gave you peace? Please bring out any bugs and post them on your page. I have a lot to say and I will say it anyway. “

“You better finish what you started the night, because maybe the public will all help us. Inno is slowly dying, has never seen such an unhappy man in real life, but we all need to keep the peace that has never been there since day one. “

Tuface’s sister-in-law and Charles’ wife, Rosemary, also shared a cryptic post about Annie. It is reading; “You tried to damage your reputation, you saved theirs by not telling your own side of the story.”

In response to Charles, Annie said, “You all may not know that your brother is sick of everyone trying to suck him up. Because you have a successful brother who wants to make you lazy! Sad.”

In response to Annie Idibia’s claim, celebrities have used her various social media platforms to reprimand her for bringing her marriage and family drama to the public.

Singer Harry Songs was a very serious warning to young men when responding to Annie’s family drama. He said, “If you are a young man who wants to live long and have peace in your home, do not marry a woman who is strong on social media and who cannot freely choose what to post and what not …”

Actress Nkechi Blessing joined the saga and cursed the person who made it a law to spread family matters on social media. She said, “… the person who takes this social media to court, where couples do their dirty laundry for people who don’t care …”

Actor Zubby Michael, who referred to Instagram as a marketplace when he condemned any woman who comes out to beat her husband online, said, “Any woman who calls you online is a fake woman, no matter what, because a godly woman with you Home training will understand that this space is like a marketplace. “

Activist Bisi Alimi responded to the family dilemma by giving serious support to Annie’s action. “A woman stayed with her husband, even if he was a commonplace. Now she has had enough because the man allegedly continues to disregard his marriage. But no, he’s not the problem, it’s the woman who spoke out. Women in Nigeria will never win. “

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