Amber Rose shares why she publicly known as ex-boyfriend Alexander Edwards about his infidelity


  • Amber Rose shared a post about relationship with a narcissist on her Instagram stories
  • This came after she publicly beat up her current ex-boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, for cheating on her with several women
  • Rose said she called Edwards to finally break off their relationship and allow herself to move on

Amber Rose has opened up about her heartbreak after publicly beating up her current ex-boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, for cheating.

Days after she announced on social media that Edwards cheated on her multiple times – which he later admitted – Rose, 37, posted a long message on her Instagram stories on Saturday about falling in love with a narcissist and what it means to her kept the Music Executive from leaving despite his actions for so long, according to E! News.

“[Your] Brain tells you to run when [your] Heart says stay, “she wrote.

She also said there were many “unanswered questions, gas lighting, stone walls, distraction and projection” while they were together.

“I wish it was easy to fix, but that’s not my job. The pain cuts so deep, especially when children are involved, ”added Rose. “I will always love him so much, but I know that I cannot cure him, only he can.”

Rose, who shares 22-month-old son Slash Alexander Edwards with her ex, also explained why she decided to publicly call Edwards. Apparently, she felt it was necessary to move on and get the love she deserved.

“I knew I had to break free in public, otherwise I would have stayed forever and never got the love I longed for and begged for,” wrote Rose. “Hard choice because it hurts so much, but I choose myself.”

The model insisted, “I didn’t mean to do this at all. I just wanted my family, MY HUSBAND.”

“There are only so many times that I can ask a man to be transparent and honest and to love me with all my heart,” she added. “I don’t know if I’ll get the happy ending that I wanted, but maybe I’ll get the happy ending that I deserve.”

Rose also shared a graphic in a subsequent post that reflects a relationship in which one of the two is a narcissist. In the photo, the man is on one knee, holding the woman’s hand and asking her to stay.

“Stay here with me and be unhappy, exhausted, manipulated, played, cheated and abused,” read the caption. “Don’t go away and break free from me and realize that you are better off without me, free from my drama, able to heal and move on with your life.”

The caption continued, “I can’t let you see that you’re better off without me, so I’ll have to do everything I can to keep you from leaving. You don’t leave me until I’ve finished playing or found better care. “

On Wednesday, Rose Edwards slammed for his infidelity, saying on her Instagram stories that she was tired of being cheated on and being ashamed of behind the scenes. She claimed he cheated on her with at least 12 women and claimed to have seen all of the lyrics and DMs proving his infidelity.

Edwards later brought up the allegations during an Instagram Live with DJ Big Von on his “PST” show and admitted that he “got caught”.

“But I love her. This is my best friend, my son’s mother. I am in love [Sebastian], my stepson too. But… I like women, ”he added.

Rose is also the mother of 8-year-old son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, whom she shares with ex Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose shared her feelings about an old relationship. The model attends the End Of Summer Party at the Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Miami, Florida on August 18, 2017. Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

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