Ambulance GPS Monitoring for Speedy Switch of Covid Sufferers to Hospitals: The Tribune India

Bhubaneswar, May 15th

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started GPS tracking of ambulances in order to deploy technology for better Covid management and rapid transfer of patients to the dedicated Covid Hospitals (DCH) and Covid Care Centers (CCC).

While the city council has a fleet of 64 ambulances under the cvoid management program, 40 are already GPS enabled and the rest will be equipped with the tracking devices very soon, a senior official said.

Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd (BSCL) is taking care of the technological upgrading of the ambulances used in the service of Covid, the official said.

When a patient is referred to move to a DCH or CCC after an appropriate teleconsultation with the BMC Covid Care 24×7 Helpline ‘1929’ operating from the Smart City office, BMC will assign an available bed in one of the Covid Hospitals or CCC to.

An ambulance is alerted to collect the patient from his place of residence. These ambulances are now equipped with built-in GPS devices for real-time tracking. This provides an estimated time of arrival of the ambulance at the patient’s home, just like we know the location of a taxi when booking through various apps on our cellphones, he said.

Of the 64 ambulances, three are located under BMC, each with three administrative zones. This number is increased by seven in each zone to provide 10 ambulances in each zone under the zonal control room for ambulance operations.

34 ambulances are located in the Capital Hospital in the heart of the city under a central ambulance control room. – PTI

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