Ambulance in Kerala to get gps based mostly monitoring units, kerala ambulance gps monitoring system

Thiruvananthapuram: Ambulances in Kerala are to be given GPS-based vehicle tracking devices amid complaints of the illegal use of such medically equipped vehicles for drug smuggling and criminal tracking, the state government said on Monday.

State Transport Minister Antony Raju said an all-stakeholder meeting, including concerned officials and representatives from the Indian Medical Association, ambulance owners and ambulance drivers, was held in November last year to discuss measures to regulate the operation of such vehicles.

At that meeting, it was decided that ambulances should be mandatorily equipped with GPS-based vehicle tracking devices, which in turn should be connected to Suraksha Mitr software, he told the gathering.

Raju responded to a submission from LDF MLA Saji Cheriyan alleging that the illegal use of private ambulances has increased in the state, exorbitant prices are charged from them, poor behavior of drivers towards patients, etc.

Cheriyan asked what the government would do about this matter.

In response to the submission and request, the minister said the traffic commissioner had been tasked with issuing a regulation on the body color of these ambulances, what to write on them and what type of lighting they should use.

A fare revision committee has also been asked to determine the fares to be charged from these vehicles, and the committee has submitted a report that is being considered, he said.

Further steps would be taken on the basis of the report, the minister said.

The Kerala High Court has on several occasions questioned whether the ambulances that roam the state’s roads are actually transporting patients or going to an emergency location, or whether they were being used for some other purpose.

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