“American Idol” Alum Syesha Mercado’s Youngster Care Battle Requires Assist From Kim Kardashian and Others

American Idol alum Syesha Mercado received high-profile help this weekend in her campaign to get her children back from government custody. Mercado’s story went viral last month, reaching the realm of reality star Kim Kardashian on Sunday. Kardashian posted an Instagram story on Saturday asking her followers to spread the word.

Mercado took her 15-month-old son Amen’Ra to a Florida hospital on March 11 in hopes of help and extra fluids as he transitioned from extended breastfeeding to infant formula. According to Mercado’s various posts, her son was taken away for no reason and then told that he had been placed in a foster home. Authorities alleged she had refused potentially life-saving treatment for the baby and that the baby was dangerously malnourished and showed signs of neglect. Mercado said none of these things are true.

One reason for this first visit was that Mercado was pregnant at the time. When she campaigned to bring Amen’Ra home, things got worse when the authorities forcibly took away her young daughter as well. Now she is looking for help to bring them home.

Kardashian is among the many high profile personalities who speak up for Mercado and shed light on the entire child protection system in Florida. Here’s a look at what they are saying.

Kardashian’s take

Everyone please read and share this story is absolutely heartbreaking. Like a mother can go and seek help for her baby who doesn’t want to eat, foster the baby and remove her newborn baby with no abuse reports @Syesha https://t.co/OhVndrWKyo pic.twitter. com / 2BwUnEgpqM

– Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 14, 2021

Kardashian posted an Instagram story this weekend tagging Mercado. It read: “Anyone who please read and share this story is absolutely heartbreaking. As a mother can go and seek help for her baby who does not want to eat, take the baby to a foster home and bring out her newborn baby with no reports of abuse. “

Kardashian posted the same words on Twitter with a link to the Mercado website. In addition to Kardashian’s celebrity status, she also has a burgeoning legal career and has worked in a number of major cases across the country. However, some fans thought she should have gone further by asking her followers to donate to Mercado’s cause or to appeal to the Florida courts on her behalf.


Market reaction


– Syesha Mercado (@Syesha) August 9, 2021

Mercado has not responded to Kardashian’s posts on social media, despite being actively involved on multiple platforms since the posts first appeared. She retweeted other supporters, but not Kardashian yet.


“Medical Abduction”

The Medical Abduction of Amen ‘Ra (Part 2) Watch the full video on IGTV https://t.co/o4WkuVMAhv pic.twitter.com/Wt3ndvSloy

– Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 15, 2021

Kardashian then posted a two-part informative video from an account called Gentle Respectful Parenting. It explains in detail the process that critics have called “medical kidnapping” and reassures first-time readers that it is as intense as it sounds.



Take action today to help #BringRaHome https://t.co/Fru90KoGIZ

– Syesha Mercado (@Syesha) August 9, 2021

Like others first hearing the story, Kardashian seemed to understand Mercado’s story in the context of the ongoing CPS investigation in Florida. The USA Today Network released an extensive research report into the system, indicating that many children are removed from their parents ‘or guardians’ care for no reason, causing immense strife for families. The report specifically examined Dr. Sally Smith, who ordered the imprisonment of Mercado’s children, but also other doctors were involved.


Mercados background

For those in need of a refresher, Mercado is best known for ranked third on American Idol’s Series 7, which aired in 2008. She competed against winner David Cook and runner-up David Archuleta, the latter of which also spoke out in her favor.

Mercado made a successful theater career, a station on Broadway and other prominent works in the music industry. According to her GoFundMe page, her partner Tyron Deener is “an educator and youth service worker who works in the Foster system”.



The Mercado case has been running since March, but it really made headlines this week over a heartbreaking video Deener posted on Instagram Live. He sent the traffic control, where the police took away their little daughter, and Mercado begged them to stop. The video even has some skeptics changing their tunes.


Other stars

Syesha, I am so sorry to see that you are hurt and in pain. We love you and you are not alone! You have always been such a strong, graceful and confident person ❤️❤️🙏🏼 https://t.co/iarp1m7lcw

– David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) August 14, 2021

Kardashian is far from the only star to speak out in favor of Mercado. One of her most prominent advocates was David Archuleta, her co-star on season 7 of American Idol, as well as Brooke White, David Cook, and Carly Smithson.



Having celebrities from so many different areas of cultural influence helped spread the Mercado situation quickly.


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