Amy Slaton, Michael Halterman Custody Agreement

A Kentucky judge has ruled that 1000 pounds. star of the sisters Amy Slaton and her estranged husband Michael Halterman share temporary joint custody of their two sons less than a month after filing for divorce. According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Michael believes he deserves joint custody as he has been “in a caring role for the children since birth” with Amy.

The judge ruled on March 13, 2023 that the former couple, who are parents to sons Gage, 2, and Glenn, 8 months, will have a joint parenting plan that will allow for both Amy, 35, and Michael, 40 , ” Maximize available parental leave.”

However, there is no personal handover of the children between the parents. The judge ordered that Amy and Michael “stay 500 feet apart at all times,” including on each other’s properties, and that the only communication they are allowed to have is through a court-supervised app.

The court documents give Michael permission to “enter their marital home at an agreed time and date to collect his clothing, paperwork and personal belongings.” Michael “has no objection” to having an outside supervisor while on site.

Amy and Michael are also not allowed to speak publicly about the custody case, as the judge has ordered them “not to make any public statements or social media posts regarding this or any other legal dispute.”

Michael filed for divorce on March 13, according to Kentucky court documents obtained by In Touch. The date of separation is February 24th. He is trying to dissolve their four-year marriage after the couple tied the knot in March 2019. Amy and Michael had been together for years since they were high school sweethearts.

The TLC star gave birth to Gage in November 2020. In January 2022, the former couple announced they were expecting another baby. “Gage will be a big brother in July 2022,” Amy revealed at the time. Glenn was born on July 8, 2022. Both children were introduced in Season 4 of 1000-Lb. sisters.

There was speculation about Amy and Michael’s relationship status when she reportedly moved from her home to her sister and co-star’s home in Kentucky in February. Tammy Slatoncurrently resides in. Amy is listed in court documents as residing in Morganfield, Kentucky, while Michael resides in Sturgis, Kentucky.

Tammy, 36, shared several rare Instagram photos on March 23, showing Glenn cuddling close to her face, while in another, the little one fell peacefully asleep on the reality star’s chest. She also shared two sweet snaps of Gage wearing shamrock pajamas while playing with an iPad. Amy was not in any of the photos.

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