An anti-gay assault was invented in Madrid to cowl up infidelity

Angelika Ritter

Today at 12:28 pm

The alleged victim denied on Wednesday the alleged anti-gay attack that allegedly took place last Sunday afternoon in the Malasaña district of Madrid in Spain and that it had thought of covering up infidelity.

A 20-year-old reported on Sunday at around 5.15 p.m. that a group of eight attacked him in the Malasana district of Madrid and stamped the word “pussy” on his bottom. just one question. Lying. The case has achieved high media and political relevance through reactions from various political parties and the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

After the complaint, the authorities began investigating the case and were unable to find any evidence of the crime for three days. They saw surveillance cameras in stores and in the community, but only the alleged victim was seen entering the home. Authorities also spoke to vendors and neighbors nearby, and no one heard or saw anything suspicious. The young man’s mobile phone and social networks were examined and it was found that he was arranging a sadomasochistic meeting with two other people.

The young man initially confirmed that he did not know the perpetrators of the attacks, but was called for a confrontation on Wednesday afternoon due to his contradictions, as the evidence found during the investigation was different from what he had reported. A short time later, the boy admitted that he had made up a story so that his partner would not discover his infidelity.

“This afternoon, thanks to the measures taken by the National Police, the young man who denounced the attack in the Malasana district of Madrid on Sunday decided to correct his original statement and inform him that he agreed to the injuries originally reported,” he said. Minister of the Interior.

The police have already finalized the report and will forward it to the public prosecutor’s office for the young man to be charged with the crime of false accusation, with a sentence ranging from six months to two years in prison.

Before we even realized this new version of the facts, the most debated topic in the discussion that arose around the issue was the rise in hate crimes and aggression. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also spoke about the topic and emphasized the values ​​of tolerance: “We will continue to make progress in tolerance, respect and inclusion in diversity. That’s what Spain wants because that’s the way Spain is. “

Gender Equality Minister Irene Montero wrote on her Twitter account after learning of the new version: “Hate crimes against the LGBT community increased by 43% in the first half of 2021.”

The demonstration called by the LGBT community continued even after the whole truth was revealed. Most of them don’t lie. Most of them are assaults. We know because we lived it, ”said Fatima Contreras, a 24-year-old bisexual girl.

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