An ongoing saga of ideological infidelity

Jitin Prasada’s desertion from Congress to the BJP and Mukul Roy’s Ghar Wapsi, or homecoming, a euphemism for the BJP’s apostasy to TMC, smell of political opportunism at its worst. Both these selfish and selfish politicians are marginal actors with no mass base of their own who could influence the political fate of the parties they have joined. They have shown themselves to be men with no ideological loyalty. For them, self-promotion is the be-all and end-all. They are committed to public service for self-promotion!

One cannot understand how it becomes possible for a young, highly developed politician like Jitin Prasada, who understands that secularism is in opposition to Hindutva, which is represented by the BJP, to join the Hindutva-oriented Saffron Party. Perhaps he was a fan of Hindutva at heart.

There could be many more jitin prasadas in Congress, but certainly not to the extent that they deserve the community label. The Gandhis cannot be blamed for having their loyalists and helpers jump the ship. Jitin Prasada is a lightweight that can be placed as a counterbalance to Yogi Adityanath, who is widely viewed as a proponent of Thakur dominance in UP politics, although as the party’s new brahmin face he might fit into the caste equations in the state.

Mukul Roy’s return to TMC has nothing to do with principle and all with the lure of power. It could be a setback for BJP in Bengal. Perhaps that loss in Bengal wipes out the gain in UP.

But it is clearly due to the lower and higher positions he and Suvendu Adhikari held within BJP. It would not have come about if the TMC had not come back to power. Mukul Roy claimed he was back where he belonged – the TMC family.

But then, by helping BJP grow in Bengal before wisdom dawned on him, Mukul Roy did the damage he could. We find it hard to accept that dumping BJP will make Mukul Roy a saint.

Defectors are without moral fiber; they are political chameleons (no disrespect to this beautiful fauna that adds to nature’s kaleidoscope) who do not deserve a place in the political sphere as they are a disgrace to democracy.

– G. David Milton, Maruthancode, Kanyakumari-Dt


Since the recent parliamentary elections in five states have also made it clear with surprises that Modi and the BJP are dispensable, provided that the opposition is organized and fights united in the parliamentary elections, which are due early next year. Since new rumors were already starting with Jitin Prasada, a major UP congressional face who switched loyalty to BJP, and Mukul Roy who joined BJP in 2017 to save himself from the Narada scam returning to TMC, this is it a clear revelation that in politics, there are no lasting friends or enemies and self-interest counts above all else.

While Congress Party’s fights are the focus of attention in Rajasthan and Punjab, divisions and defectors are likely to be expected in the coming days and months due to the dwindling influence of the great old party on its base. Apparently, Rahul and Priyanka’s accession could neither change the party’s electoral chances nor provide the much-needed strength to rejuvenate and inspire party workers to change the fate they desperately need to survive in the troubled waters of politics.

The Congress party’s problem in the ever-changing political scenario is that it lacks the foresight and adaptability that the changing situation requires due to the party’s split between old guards and youth power. With a group that loudly and blindly supported Rahul Gandhi, even when voters repeatedly disapproved of his leadership. Even Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who was appointed general secretary with no influence over the party, only exacerbated the party’s needs and further damaged its image. Without clear thoughts in the party, Congress will remain a non-starter. As a result, the party, which cuts a sad figure in every poll, leaves no doubt that the party’s “cocktail approach” is the cause of its repeated failures. Similarly, the BJP, riding the popularity of the one-man mode, seems far from confident at the moment to take on the regional parties that have grown stronger over the years and pose a daunting challenge to the BJP.

There is no doubt that the second wave of Covid ravaged the economy and cost many lives and livelihoods, cast doubt on the centre’s ability to govern, but at the same time it cannot be said that non-BJP-ruled states are role models for the Governance were. However, with the opposition blaming the center for all of the diseases the nation faces during these troubled times, Modi, weakened by the vaccine policy reversal, must quickly take more proactive steps to raise the mood of voters in front of the five states, including UP, the crucial state to vote for next year and the nation for Lok Sabha polls in 2024.

The fact that more and more leaders are leaving the party and returning to another for one reason or another is not excluded. Ultimately, the fact that just as the truth has emerged that Congress cannot rival BJP in the current Avatar, political strategist Prashant Kishor’s recent meeting with NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar is fueling speculation that a new front is being fueled Consisting of non- regional BJP parties will do best to counter the BJP’s influence in future hunts. After Congress is seen on a sticky wicket and further shrunk, the BJP will not only take a back seat, but force them to give up theirs Changing attitudes on national political strategy to get into reckoning, otherwise it could be extremely difficult to counter the power of regional parties in both parliamentary and Lok Sabha polls.

– KR Srinivasan, Secunderabad


Rats always leave a sinking ship. Before the elections in Bengal, apart from Didi and her nephew, a bunch of rats joined the Ganges party. Now that the Ganges party has literally been pushed into the Ganges, the rats are trying to get back on land and return. Does Didi have a big heart? Will she play the role of Ma and bring her wayward children back into her lap?

Or will she become dictator and punish the renegade children and leave them neither in the Ghats nor in the Ganges! Remains to be seen. It should be interesting.

Meanwhile, another rat in another state has left the India Party with God’s gift and has joined the Ganges Party in the largest state in the country. Will More Rats Move Out of Congress?

– Gundu K Maniam, Coimbatore

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