Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Custody Case: Pitt’s attorneys say the decide ordered a change in his favor

LOS ANGELES: A California judge ruled that a custody decision regarding the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie must be changed in his favor. This is evident from court documents filed by the actor’s lawyers ‘Fight Club’.

Hollywood superstars Pitt and Jolie, who have six children and were once Hollywood’s most famous couple, were officially divorced two years ago, but have since been embroiled in a private court battle.

The couple announced in 2018 that they had reached a friendly settlement over the children – three biological and three adopted – who appear to have broken up.

Documents filed by Pitt’s attorneys in a California appeals court seen by AFP state that a privately appointed judge issued a “preliminary ruling” stating that “amending the existing custody decision between the parties at the request of Mr. Pitt must become”.

The papers also claim that the judge found that Jolie’s “testimony was not credible in many important areas” and that her attempt to challenge the new custody process would “cause serious harm to children who continue to be denied stability and stability”.

45-year-old Jolie tries to exclude the judge from the divorce proceedings. Their representatives did not immediately respond to AFP’s request for comment.

The terms of the couple’s original childcare contract were never publicly disclosed, but the U.S. entertainment media has widely reported that Pitt sought equal custody while Jolie sought sole custody.

A source told AFP on Wednesday that the judge’s recent ruling “changed the usual order to significantly extend his time with the children,” although it could not be verified as the order – which is not final – is under lock and key is.

Pitt, now 57, was accused of beating one of his children on a flight from France to Los Angeles just before Jolie filed for divorce, but was later acquitted by the FBI and social workers.

The A-listener – nicknamed “Brangelina” – married in France in 2014, but had been a couple since 2004 after appearing as a married assassin in “Mr and Mrs Smith”.

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