Angelina Jolie is decided to take the Brad Pitt custody battle to the subsequent degree

Angelina Jolie will fight for her children at every turn in her custody battle with ex-husband Brad Pitt. This isn’t the ideal situation when it comes to amicable parenting, but the Maleficent actress has raised concerns that her older children’s voices will not be heard on the case.

In May, Pitt was granted joint custody of five of their six children, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and twins, Knox and Vivienne, 12. (Eldest son Maddox is 19 years old and is not on the custody case.) While Maddox’s testimony was heard and reportedly not “very flattering” to his father, the opinions of Pax, Zahara and Shiloh on the matter were disregarded. California law allows children 14 years and older to “contact the court about custody or visit” if the judge permits.

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Jolie is bringing the verdict back to court on July 9th to appeal to a three-judge panel that will hear both sides of the case, Us Weekly says. After being “bitterly disappointed” with the initial result, she hopes that her older children will have a voice on this matter and that their health and safety will be considered following the 2016 domestic violence incident.

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Joint custody was a win for Pitt, who kept his sobriety after the divorce, but much damage has been done in his relationships with all six of his brood. Maddox has sided with his mother on the case, and the three older teenagers probably formed very strong opinions as well. No matter what the outcome in this case, it will take years to heal from this battle that no one is going to win.

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