Anirudh calls for upkeep from Kavya, the latter startled


Star Plus’ show Anupamaa sees a big change in the plot in the upcoming episodes.

January 22, 2021, 2 p.m.


MUMBAI: It seems like Kavya is demanding a divorce from Anirudh as she wants to go on living with Vanraj and marry him.

Anirudh will only agree to divorce Kavya if she agrees to pay him 60 lacs as alimony.

Both Kavya and Vanraj will be shocked to see Anirudh’s greedy side, as they never expected Anirudh to make such demands.

Kavya gets angry at Anirudh’s request, but Anirudh will not listen to her.

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Kavya will be seen to be embarrassed as she cannot afford the amount Anirudh is asking.

Will Kavya be able to divorce Anirudh?

Will Vanraj Kavya be able to help or not?

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