Anita Okoye releases extra incriminating proof of her husband’s infidelity

Anita Okoye has presented substantial evidence accusing her husband Paul Okoye of multiple counts of infidelity, ENigeria Newspaper reports.
In a previous report published by ENigeria Newspaper, it was revealed that one of the main reasons behind Anita Okoye’s divorce case against her husband, among other issues mentioned, is infidelity.

According to information made available to ENigeria Newspaper, the mother-of-three – Andre, Nadia and Nathan – released evidence to implicate her estranged husband in an alleged affair with their housekeeper, Florence.

Hotel and home addresses that the musician used as a love nest are among the pieces of evidence Anita Okoye has provided as evidence against her husband Paul Okoye, most of which was seen by the ENigeria newspaper.

Examples of addresses referenced in this newspaper’s evidence include 12a George Enemoh Crescent, believed to be private property, or an apartment said to have been used by Paul Okoye for most of his unsavory activities.

The MG Way Hotel adjacent to the Benizia Hotel in Asaba at 8 Kingsley Emu Street off Summit Junction by DBS is also mentioned. The Nigerian newspaper understands that Paul Okoye allegedly met one of his side chicks when they traveled to Onitsha with P-Square in March to play the Hero Concert.

Though Anita Isama Okoye and Peter Okoye (Rudeboy) are no strangers to the media’s tumultuous coverage of their marital woes, it seems this time it’s more unnerving. Their love story dates back to their days as students at the University of Abuja.

Anita Okoye is a Nigerian lawyer, businesswoman, social media influencer and internet phenomenon (real name: Anita Tonye Isama; born November 8, 1988). She is best known for being the wife of Paul Okoye-Rudeboy, a well-known singer and businessman.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that the 34-year-old sparked rumors about her split from Rudeboy when she removed the couple’s wedding pictures from her Instagram account @Anitaokoye in 2021, prompting him to come to America and try to resolve the conflict with the help of other family members . However, all these efforts proved unsuccessful.

BREAKING: Anita Okoye releases more incriminating evidence of her husband's infidelity



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