Anupamaa’s Ashish Mehrotra cried earlier than filming Toshu’s infidelity story

Ashish Mehrotra, who portrays Paritosh aka Toshu on the popular TV show Anupamaa, has revealed he found it difficult to perform his current track on the show. In the final episodes of Anupamaa, her daughter-in-law’s title character revealed that her son Toshu was unfaithful to her while she was pregnant with her child. Ashish, whose character continues to defend his infidelity as an “accidental” mistake, recently spoke candidly about his reaction to the new storyline. Also read| Anupamaa Flashback: Toshu defends his extramarital affair

Ashish shared that he even broke down in tears before having to film a confrontation scene with his on-screen wife Kinjal, played by Nidhi Shah. Rupali Ganguly who plays the lead role of Anupamaa was the one who noticed his struggle and helped him prepare for it.

Ashish told ETimes about Toshu’s track: “When I found out about my track I couldn’t swallow it at first, it took me a few days to accept that I was doing this track and I had a lot of questions like how would I do it, how would the audience take it etc. The creators were extremely supportive and helpful, this was one of the hardest tracks for me during the performance… We finally address an issue that doesn’t exist discussed in families despite being part of their lives for years were.” He added, “I was scared of it.”

The actor shared that he’s asked the creators several questions about the plot but is still nervous about filming it. He recalled: “I cried for the first time before doing the scene. Rupali Ma’am saw me in tears and came to me, she just told me one thing: ‘Just confirm it and do the scenes.’ It took some time to sign up, but I took my time, I went through the script several times and delivered with all the dedication, and luckily I had time to do my homework before doing the scenes.”

Anupamaa airs Monday through Saturday at 10 p.m. on Star Plus. In the final episode of the show, Toshu was beaten by his father Vanraj Shah played by Sudhanshu Pandey after he suggested that he should understand his position as he himself had an extramarital affair while married to Anupamaa.

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