Apple AirTag and GPS tracking would be restricted under Ohio law

Small, inexpensive tracking devices like Apple AirTags and other GPS trackers can help you find your purse or keys. However, some criminals use this technology to track people without their knowledge. There is a bill in Ohio law designed to stop the tracking of people without their knowledge.

Senate Minority Leader Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) said her bill would still allow parents to use tracking devices like AirTags or apps to monitor children or the elderly with dementia.

“The problem is if someone puts an air tag on you or in your purse without anyone else’s knowledge, because then it becomes an electronic tracking device,” she said.

The bill aims to stop stalking and provides exceptions for police officers or companies using the devices properly, Antonio said. It would be a first degree misdemeanor if someone were found to be using the devices illegally.

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