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The following reports are extracted from the Boston University Police Department’s April 19-25 crime logs.

Boston University Police Department. This week’s crime reports include an assault with a dangerous weapon, a B&E alert, a health check, a missing person, suspects and unwanted persons, a threat of a crime, harassment, past theft, shoplifting and a suspect. YITONG LI/DFP PHOTOGRAPHER

Attack with a dangerous weapon at 1010 Commonwealth Ave.

At 8:28 am on April 19, a third caller reported that a caretaker had found a possible squatter at the above address. When he was asked to leave, the party reportedly pulled out a knife. The manager exited the room unharmed and the suspect fled the area on the MBTA Green Line. MBTA Police have been notified.

At 10:47 a.m., a caller reported seeing a party that may have matched the suspect’s description. It turned out that the party was not the suspect.

At 2:18 p.m., a caller said they saw a person walking west who may have matched the suspect’s description. The caller reported that the party was now on Commonwealth Ave. could be 610. A BUPD unit said they stopped the party at 3 Cummington Mall. The group was taken into custody and transported back to BUPD at 32 Harry Agganis Way.

The individual, Thomas Wooten, was arrested for trespassing.

Wellness check at 775 Beacon St.

Boston police reported a male party chasing a female party at 9:39 p.m. on April 19. BUPD units checked the area with the Boston PD but could not locate any of the parties.

Missing person at 989 Commonwealth Ave.

At 4:03pm on April 20, a group entered the BUPD lobby to report that their 8-year-old child had fled from them as they entered the above address. Boston PD has been notified. Parent and child were reunited on the ward.

Suspicious person at BU Beach/775 Commonwealth Ave.

BUPD received an anonymous tip on April 20 at 3:40pm about a suspicious individual at the above location, who was described as a creepy guy wearing a long down jacket with a fluffy hood and holding a Starbucks mug. He watched the students, but it seemed like he was on drugs. He was clearly not a student. The tipster did not respond to requests for additional information.

BUPD received a second call for a person with a similar description, this time near 100 Bay State Rd. The caller stated that the party verbally abused and sexually harassed female passers-by. Officers checked both areas without finding anyone matching the description.

Threats in an unknown location

At 5:08 p.m. on April 20, a caller reported that someone had threatened four to five people. The Cambridge PD was notified and carried out an inquiry into the well-being of the party’s home.

Suspicious person at 185 Bay State Rd.

A caller at 4:50pm on April 20 reported that three people in a white BMW were acting strangely in the rear of the above address. One party waved an air freshener around. The parties got ready to move on.

B&E Alert at 708 Commonwealth Ave.

At 3:27 am on April 21, Boston PD received a B&E alert for broken glass at Insomnia Cookies. The door was open. Boston PD was on site and the building was inspected. The Boston PD contacted the keyholder to secure the door.

Threatening to commit crimes at 275 Babcock St.

At 8:18 p.m. on April 21, one party reported that they had received threats from an ex-boyfriend.

Unwanted Person at 285 Babcock St.

A group of about six people played with a ball in front of the entrance of the building on April 21 at 7:52 p.m. The ball hit the glass. A caller stated that they asked the group to move on, but they refused. The parties departed prior to the arrival of BUPD officers.

Harassment at 855 Commonwealth Ave.

A caller at 9:05 pm on April 21 reported that a classmate’s boyfriend was harassing her. A BUPD officer was unable to locate the reporter and attempts to call back were unanswered.

At 9:52 pm on April 22, a caller reported that her classmate’s boyfriend was harassing her. It is not known if these two calls were related.

Behind Larceny at 915 Commonwealth Ave.

At 2:52 p.m. on April 23, a student believed his watch had been stolen by FitRec 25 minutes ago. The watch was found in his pocket.

Harassment at 750 Commonwealth Ave.

At 10:40 a.m. on April 24, a partner said he was walking past the BU bridge, where he said a man – who was described as “fair skinned” and dressed all in black with long hair – said to him: “I hate Asian people.” The partner also said one of his students heard the man say he had a gun. A BUPD official spoke to the party. The group fled in an unknown direction.

Shoplifting at 985 Commonwealth Ave.

At 5:02pm on April 24, a BUPD unit assisted Brookline PD at a party that was stopped outside the above address for shoplifting. The BUPD unit cleared the scene and Brookline PD units took care of the rest.

Suspicious package at 871 Commonwealth Ave.

A caller at 4:46 p.m. on April 24 reported an unattended red backpack outside the above address. A BUPD unit checked the area but could not locate the bag.

Suspicious person at 580 Commonwealth Ave.

BUPD received a report at 21:39 on April 25 of a suspicious male party on the 5th floor of the building. The reporter stated that the person knocked on doors and claimed to want to move into the building. BUPD officers conducted a search of the area with negative results.

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