Armie Hammers stunning alleged messages pointing to infidelity and cannibalism

The shocking Armie Hammer scandal continues to take the internet by storm.

Last week, the actor’s alleged text messages discussing dark sexual fantasies and cannibalism began to leak online. But now one of the women who apparently had to do with the star brings up even more shocking details.

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According to the screenshots, he tells her to meet him at a tree and that he wants to see the “traces” he left on her from a previous rendezvous. he even asks her if she “wears perfume or lip gloss” – two things that might linger on him.

In a screenshot from 2016, Hammer allegedly says he’s stuck on an airplane but fantasizes about “dragging you off the floor with my hands around your neck onto my lap …”

At the time, the 34-year-old Call Me By Your Name star was still married Elizabeth Chambers, from whom he announced his separation in July 2020.

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He expresses his affinity for tasting blood in more supposedly Instagram DMs, in which he describes how he ate the heart of a deer right after it was killed.

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“I shot it, ran up, pulled out a knife, cut out the heart and ate it. Completely raw, still warm,” he reportedly wrote. “I would eat your heart if I wasn’t stuck without you afterwards.”

According to the screengrabs, he continues to brag about “not throwing up” even though his friend “vomited immediately” after trying.

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