Ashish Mehrotra collapsed throughout this scene in ‘Anupama’, infidelity induced sleepless nights

TV’s famous daily soap “Anupama” is the audience’s favorite show. Especially women enjoy it the most. Anupama is such a woman who is liked by everyone. Recently, a famous character of the show Paritosh i.e. Ashish Mehrotra told a lot in his interview. Ashish Mehrotra, who plays Paritosh aka Toshu in Anupama, has revealed he found it difficult to act on his current track on the show.

Rupali Ganguly supported
In a recent episode of Anupama, Rupali Ganguly told her daughter-in-law that her son Toshu was unfaithful to her while she was expecting her child. Ashish Mehrotra, whose character involved cheating on his wife, recently responded to the new story. Ashish shared that he cried at the scene of a confrontation with Nidhi Shah, who plays his wife Kinjal on screen. But Rupali Ganguly helped her a lot.

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Toshu was afraid
Ashish told ETimes about Toshu’s track: “When I found out about my track I couldn’t take it at first, it took me a long time to accept that I was doing this track and I had a lot of questions. How will I do it, how will the audience feel. The creators were very helpful and helpful, this was one of the hardest tracks for me… we finally show a problem that doesn’t happen. I was afraid of it.”

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Ashish cried a lot in front of the scene
The actor shared that he’s asked the creators several questions about the story but is still nervous about filming it. He recalled: “I cried for the first time before doing the scene. Rupali Ma’am saw me in tears and came to me, she just told me one thing: ‘Just adapt it and do the scene.’ It took some time but I took my time, I went through the script several times and gave it with full abandon and glad I had time to do my homework before doing the scenes.

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Latest episode of ‘Anupama’
“Anupama” airs Monday through Saturday at 10 p.m. on Star Plus. In the new episode of the show, Toshu is beaten by his father Vanraj Shah. When he said that he should understand his situation as he himself had an extramarital affair while being married to Anupama.


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