Ask Shaheen Bhatt Something: About Remedy vs. Household and Infidelity vs. Discretion

  • The mental health champion and screenwriter answers personal questions

From Shaheen Bhatt


Therapy for everyone

I come from a family that is open to mental health. But my in-laws are against me going into therapy. What could I do?

—Kirti, by email

If you are not financially dependent on your partner or their family, go to therapy whether they object or not. Take the time to explain to them why this is beneficial for you, but don’t let their disapproval stop you from taking care of yourself. Also, consider speaking to your partner. In order to keep peace with his parents, he doesn’t care about your well-being. Over time, this can lead to resentment and trust problems.

Dad update

When I updated my dad’s cell phone, I realized he was having an affair. How should I react?

—Aanchal, via Instagram

We all idealize our parents, but we forget that they are just like us humans. You make mistakes. They too feel their way through life, just like us. Whatever happens, his relationship with your mother is hers. Don’t pick up anger for them.

Think about how your father’s affair affects his relationship with you and you alone. If you find that it has somehow affected your relationship, this may be something you should discuss with him.

Shaheen Bhatt’s public presentation of her own mental health challenges fueled the discourse on a relatively ignored topic and made her a role model for young girls to look up to

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