Asking thought-provoking questions on infidelity, Neena Gupta asks, “In the event you dream of kissing somebody, is it dishonest?” | Hindi Film Information – Bollywood

Experienced actress Neena Gupta is never afraid to express her opinion on important social issues. She recently spoke about infidelity and what really falls under the category of fraud. In the video, she confessed that she didn’t understand what constitutes cheating, but said, “Maybe I can ask you a question. What about cheating on your mind. What is fraud I do not understand. Everyone cheated on their heads, but that doesn’t count as a scam. ‘ She also asked if a “dream of kissing someone” would fall under cheating, adding, “Is cheating just sexual cheating? If you like someone and you dream about someone, dream of kissing someone, is that cheating? So, I don’t know what cheating is. ‘ Well, once internet users came across the video, they went to the comments section and acted on it. While agreeing to the actress, one of the users wrote, “Neena is so right! Emotional cheating is harmful. But what is the difference between fantasy and reality? Can’t you fantasize about someone? But withdrawing your emotional involvement from your real relationship and locking them into that fantasy is deadly. See the video for more details.

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