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“Give me the MTV money!”

CT tambourines wife Lilli Solares filed a response to the divorce petition CT filed last month, and although she has not contested it The challenge star’s divorce filing requires her to pay her generously — in both money and property!

In court records obtained from The AshleyLilli — who officially married CT in May 2018 (and again on an MTV wedding special in September 2018) — claimed that she and CT still live together with their son CJ at their Florida home, but that it’s a “tense and… hostile home environment” due to the divorce proceedings.

“The wife and husband have little to no communication … The wife wishes to keep the minor child away from the litigation and away from any stress that the hostile situation might cause between the parties,” the filings read.

“Gosh, you turn a banana into a backpack and you’re forever labeled hostile!”

On Friday, Lilli’s attorneys filed a summary motion to give Lilli “exclusive possession” of the home she shares with CT. She wants the judge to make CT leave the house.

This filing comes shortly after Lilli filed her response to CT’s divorce filing. As The Ashley previously reported, CT demanded that parenting responsibilities for their son CJ continue to be shared and that both he and Lili be given equal time with their son. CT also requested that the court draw up a parenting plan if he and Lili are unable to work out the custody plan themselves.

However, in Lilli’s response, she denied several of his requests, including that they share parental responsibilities and equal time with CJ. In her response, Lilli asked that CJ primarily live with her; However, she agreed that a parental time-share schedule should be made so CT could see his son.

She also requested that she “could have the final say on most and/or all decisions about the minor child.” (CT had asked that they share parental responsibilities equally.)

Lilli also asked the judge to give her “exclusive use” of their Florida home and their 2022 Mercedes truck.

“But you have exclusive use of the kennel back there, CT.”

From there, Lilli’s demands continue. She demands that she remain the beneficiary of CT’s life insurance despite her divorce, so CT can continue to pay child support to Lilli even if he dies.

She also wants spousal support…in the form of five different types of alimony.

At that moment you realize that you can’t get out of these payments even if you die…

“[CT] is well positioned to make money and continue to support [Lilli]’ is Lilli’s reply. “[Lilli] has insufficient means to support himself unaided.”

She goes on to say that in addition to (or instead of) regular alimony, she also needs “Rehabilitative Alimony,” which would pay her for education, training, etc. to improve her ability to get a job and an income “more like.” that of enjoyed [CT]as a result [Lilli’s] past post to [CT’s] Job and education”.

She also wants Bridge the Gap Alimony to help her make the “transition from married life to single life.” Lilli also applied for “permanent alimony,” which lasts for the duration of their marriage, which is about four years. (This kind of alimony would end if one of them dies or if Lilli remarries.)

She wants “Temporary Alimony,” which would provide her with income during the divorce proceedings, and “Letter of Alimony,” where she would only receive a set amount of cash from CT.

Lilli also asked that she be given her stake in a company CT is interested in. She explained that she was “a great help [CT]not only in the marital business but also in terms of providing a supportive home environment [CT’s] needs in every respect.”

She also demands that she receive a share of CT’s retirement benefits and pension and that he continue to pay for her health insurance.

“Get money?”

She also asked the court to get CT to pay her legal fees for the divorce proceedings.

The case is still open at the time of going to press.

As The Challenge fans know, CT and Lilli have had an unbroken marriage for years.

During the “Double Agents” season of “The Challenge” in 2020, CT announced that he and Lili had split.

“The marriage wasn’t going well,” CT said during a confessional this season. “We’re separated and I feel like I’ve been running from problems for a long time. I feel like they finally caught up with me. I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.”

CT and Lili eventually reconciled; However, their marriage was always off and on. They performed together at the in June MTV Film and Television Awards, and based on CT calling Lili his “babies” in an Instagram caption, they appeared to be dating at the time. (CT has since deleted his Instagram of most photos of Lilli.)

Stay tuned…

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