Atlanta ranks 4th within the metropolis for infidelity in the USA, in accordance with Ashley Madison

It turns out that there are quite a few scammers in Atlanta.

Dating website Ashley Madison rated the Least Faithful Cities in the US and reported that Atlanta ranked 4th.

Atlanta ranks behind Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas.

An April 2021 study examined the spectrum of extradyadic behaviors that occur outside of a committed relationship by examining whether certain demographics of app users participated in a variety of EBs, whether age, gender, and sexual identity predicted participation and which outcomes were influenced by the consent of the partner.

The results of the study showed that women and older users were more likely to report extradyadic behavior. The study showed that 16.9% of sampled users with consent from their partner received Ashley Madison, and those with consenting partners reported greater perceived improvement in their primary relationship than those with disagreeing partners.

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