Attorney’s Fees for Custody

My name is Hunter Chant, I didn’t want to make my situation public but this has turned into a case that may NEED attention due to these laws regarding the situation.

Last year she was with this girl, she got pregnant, we broke up etc.

Over time, I wanted the child, and she didn’t and wouldn’t give it to me. (if he’s mine). So in February I decided to file a paternity application through the Vanepps law firm. It had been months that I had never heard anything while at the same time trying to make contact and be there during the pregnancy. About two months before the baby was born, I tried to insist that I have it the way I want it. She didn’t agree.

Later in April I was contacted by an adoption agency they were trying to get through. I informed her of the situation and that I wanted my son. They totally agreed and stopped her adoption process.

Now coming June (last I knew was his due date) I find out she got it on May 25th and delivered it on May 26th. Now that she has done that, she is protected by safe childbirth law, which makes it nearly impossible for me to enforce any said rights, which I am trying to enforce on the paternity petition in February. Next thing I know, an adoption agency working with the hospital said they had a child in their care who was adopted by said mother and taken to the hospital. They then inform me that she is married and that both legal parents have given up the child.

Now it became even more difficult when a situation was due to the two different laws in force, one being the Safe Childbirth Act and the other being the Marriage/Legal Parenthood Act. After receiving documentation from the private investigator who works through the adoption agency, I am contacted by that agency. In a short summary, this conversation did not go well, the agency tried to talk me out of fighting for my child, among other things. I hired a lawyer at the end of May for fear of handing over said baby. And knew I couldn’t do anything without one.

So yesterday I was in court to see the judge on custody and parentage. The adoption agency actually hired their own attorney to end my request for rights and/or custody. So now I have at least 2 more court dates to attend to and if it’s as long as this one it will take months to settle the matter. The adoption agency is fighting tooth and nail for this baby, when in reality one would think it would be the opposite.

So now my attorney has filed another application, hopefully this time I won’t hit the wall and the DNA test can be ordered. As many things are strange in this story, I felt spoken to and harassed by the agency when they contacted me. I feel like the marriage was wicked given that she got married two days before she was born. Many things come into play and it sheds light on so many broken laws. The judge and my attorney both said on record that they have never seen a situation like this, with the marriage and agency fighting a possible paternal parent.

It was emotionally draining to deal with on top of a full time job and taking care of my dog ​​Clarke who also has severe seizures. I owe the attorney 5,000 and have already paid 3,000. This will no longer be billed with future court dates. I am looking for any kind of help as I want my son.

EDIT 9/12/22

I recently did the DNA test on my end a few weeks ago. Next I get an email from the DNA center saying I need to confirm and call a few things. I called and found that the child’s legal guardian had not signed any forms or provided any identification. What’s kind of weird to me is that these things don’t get done early in the process. Today I was informed that the adoption agency subpoenaed my high school records, which must have been 10 years ago. But unfortunately I can’t afford to fight the subpoena because I got financially out of control throughout this whole process that wasn’t considered or even expected. This agency is making it so hard for me that all I want is my boy. So please help a little now and I’m grateful to those who even read or share. I want to share this story here and know how wrong the law is and how morally unjust it is for a government agency to work so hard to keep a child away from a parent who wants it.

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