Bala sternly warns that infidelity is not going to be tolerated

Labor Secretary Parveen Bala has issued a stern warning to the 198 Fijian workers preparing to go to the Pacific Australian Labor Mobility (PALM) Scheme that infidelity will not be tolerated.

That was after he met a woman in Savusavu who complained that her husband was having an affair in Australia.

Bala then told his director in Labasa to speak to the woman, find out the man’s name and make sure he catches the next flight home.

The minister told workers that the (PALM) program they are pursuing will directly benefit many of our Fijian families, their communities and our economic growth.

He says families back home will reap the fruits of their hard work as they send money through remittances to improve their family’s livelihood.

Bala also spoke about questions that have been asked about families being able to join them in Australia.

He explained that his team is currently in discussion with its partners on how this program will work.

The 198 workers who will soon leave our shores are employed by 8 licensed employers in the horticultural, hospitality and meat industries.

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