Banks are freezing ex-husbands’ accounts and preferring direct deductions for paying alimony

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In addition to raising the minimum wage, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob also announced the protection of women in child support cases.

The Edge Markets reported that banks would freeze the accounts of ex-husbands who failed to pay child support.

As soon as the verdict is in, the bank debits the ex-husband’s account directly and pays the ex-wife.

Ismail Sabri added that newly widowed women are allowed to work from home during the edah (the waiting period of four months and 10 days).

Employers cannot force them to work in the office during the edah to respect the mourning period.

Netizens welcome the move and happily welcome the news. Some of them pointed out how much child support helps single mothers raise their children on their own.

Ex-husbands who refuse to pay child support after divorce have their bank accounts frozen AND the banks wire the money directly to the mother by court order.

The best news I’ve heard in 2022, I’m tearing up 😭

— Fight 🏴 (@inevanesce) March 19, 2022

One netizen argued what if the woman was the person who cheated. In response, another netizen said that supporting childcare is still the responsibility of parents, and that doesn’t mean the kids aren’t theirs out of the blue.

Some netizens also wondered how it would work if the man had no steady job, no income, or was declared bankrupt. They hope that the family will still be helped.

It is true that there are other details to be clarified that would have to be decided in court.

Still, it’s a big step forward for single moms who have had to deal with irresponsible ex-husbands.

what does that have to do with it 💀 if the mother suddenly cheats on him the children are not his or what? and usually when your spouse is yang curang, you don’t want your children to be under her care, no? I would have fought so hard for custody, lmaoooo

— Yoongi and Women’s Month🏳️‍🌈👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏻 (@strwbrryyoongle) March 19, 2022

The news single moms are waiting for. But imagine the ex-husband doesn’t have a permanent job or is self-employed & has no savings on the account. nun in the village² there. May God prolong the livelihood of mothers and children². Amen!

— PojieAh (@AhPojie) March 20, 2022

What if the ex-husband is broke.. & there is no account 🙃

— Puteri Bongsu 🇲🇾❤️🇵🇸 (@Puteri_Bongsu06) March 20, 2022

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