BC COVID-19 regulates with ambiguity: custody choose

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The father interprets the restrictions in such a way that a co-parent in his situation is allowed to accept his new partner into his “core bubble”.

The judge notes that the restrictions have been changed, repealed and replaced over time.

“The messages that accompany these commands, and indeed the language of those commands themselves, are fraught with inconsistencies and ambiguities,” writes Kent.

VICTORIA, BC: November 19, 2020 - Minister of Health Adrian Dix and Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr.  Bonnie Henry will inform about COVID-19 on November 19, 2020.  Courtesy of the BC Provincial Government / Don Craig photo credit [PNG Merlin Archive]The Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, at a press conference on November 20, 2020 Photo by DON CRAIG /.PNG

On November 13, the provincial health officer imposed restrictions on “being outside or inside a person who does not live with them in a private residence or holiday home,” despite the fact that a person lives alone , May host one or two people with whom the person interacts regularly.

On December 9th and 15th, Dr. Bonnie Henry some of the terms and conditions for meetings and events. Among the definitions, she said that “vacation rental” means a house, apartment, condominium, or other type of residential accommodation that is not the resident’s primary residence.

However, some languages ​​in the order are left undefined, including what is meant by gatherings, someone living alone, and regular interaction.

There is also potential ambiguity regarding people who use two or more apartments from time to time, the judge says.

“Despite their obvious potential application to parents with children, these ordinances provide very limited express guidance to family units and parenting regimes in all of their various forms,” ​​says Kent.

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