Beijing Pops: Singer Leehom Wang responds to infidelity rumors

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On Friday, December 17, just two days after Leehom Wang announced his split from Ms. Jinglei Lee, Lee shared her own long letter through Weibo saying that writing the letter was the toughest decision she made ever had to meet her.

“I thought we would be family forever when I walked the altar with you. You were 10 years older than me and you wanted lots of kids, so you kept pushing me to have more babies. I went through dramatic changes during pregnancy, but I faced these challenges all by myself, ”wrote Lee.

Lee also directly accused Wang of infidelity, saying she had long believed she was Wang’s “one-of-a-kind” despite finding that he had “so many friends with benefits in different cities” and “spent an entire night with one of them to celebrate them ”. a concert in Shanghai. “

Lee continued, “You said you were unable to control yourself. When I wanted to break off the relationship, you called me for weeks and promised me that you would never do anything like that again. “

Wang’s reaction

After two days of silence, Wang finally responded to his ex-wife’s allegations on Sunday night, saying, “It’s the toughest day of my life. I am faced with the dilemma that it does not look good for the mother of my three children if I oppose it, but if I do not say a word, everyone will believe that what is happening is true. “

Apparently, however, the infidelity allegations were a fight he found worthwhile, writing, “I can say with absolute certainty that I have never cheated on my ex-wife before.”

He described their marriage as a living hell, said he lived in constant fear and even went so far as to claim that Lee forced him to marry with her pregnancy. “We weren’t quite there to get married when she got pregnant, and we threatened that I would never see her and our baby if I didn’t marry her,” Wang said in the Post.

He also denied several allegations Lee made regarding her marital property. “Lee is not someone who takes nothing away from me. They asked for about 150 million RMB, including the real estate and shares of Bel Air Los Angeles, “said Wang.

Unfortunately for Wang, his attempts to gain sympathy were unsuccessful. “I’m laughing my ass off! In a marriage full of nightmares, he managed to give birth to three babies! ”Wrote one Internet user.

“He knew what responsibility to take on without wearing a condom!” Said another.

Lee’s refutation

Lee rebutted Wang’s version of the story: “You probably have so many friends with benefits that you don’t remember anything. Do I have to mention the time when your alleged girlfriend saw the same film in the same cinema when you invited me on a date? “

Lee also pointed out that the Los Angeles home ownership and stock investment are original assets under the names of both parties, and not assets Wang would give her after the divorce.

“The house I live in with my children is only temporarily loaned to me and you expect me to give it back to you 18 years later,” added Lee.

Wang’s apology

In his last post on Weibo, posted last Monday, Wang said he was ready to temporarily retire from the entertainment business and spend some time with his parents and children. “I have failed to manage my marriage successfully, and I have caused difficulties for my family because I did not present the ideal that a perfect idol should have. It was completely my fault, ”admitted Wang.

Wang also mentioned that they have joint custody of the children and that he will transfer the apartment in Lee’s name. When asked if she would file another lawsuit against Wang in light of his apology, Lee said she would not consider a lawsuit.

Reactions from internet users

Several of Wang’s die-hard fans have called Lee’s posts fake and wrote: “Leehom, we will support you no matter what!”

However, the majority of people have a different perspective. “I’ve been a fan of yours for years and I am very disappointed! You faked a positive image the whole time! ”Wrote a particularly disappointed fan.

Another decided to attack Lee, writing, “Don’t make it sound like Lee is someone so naive. She obviously knows what kind of person Wang is, but has decided to marry him anyway. What is she looking for in a man? “

Others responded to the comment by defending Lee, “She raised three babies with Wang. She deserves what she wants! “

“You said you were leaving the entertainment industry temporarily? Don’t think that’s the case. Say goodbye to business forever! “Said one internet user angrily.

Wang’s perfect facade of a handsome, well-educated man with a successful music career was shattered by public opinion in a matter of days, and numerous companies dropped him after the scandal erupted.

“It wasn’t Lee who ruined Wang’s career, but Wang himself,” said one.

Is it time for Wang to say goodbye to his career? Do you think the public should leave celebrities’ personal lives aside to focus on their music? Let us know in the comments.

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