Below Deck’s Captain Kerry is accused of hiding cash and quitting the job to keep away from paying alimony to ex-wife in a nasty divorce

BELOW Deck star Captain Kerry Titheradge has been accused of hiding money and quitting his job to avoid alimony in his ugly divorce.

Captain Kerry, 47, stars in Below Deck Adventure, which is currently airing its debut season on Bravo.


Captain Kerry went through a nasty divorce before joining Below Deck AdventurePhoto credit: Bravo
His ex-wife accused him of quitting his job and hiding money in their divorce


His ex-wife accused him of quitting his job and hiding money in their divorcePhoto credit: Instagram

The US Sun can exclusively dive into the captain’s divorce from his ex-wife, with whom he shares two children.

In court documents obtained by The US Sun, Kerry filed for divorce from his then-wife in October 2019, claiming the marriage was “broken apart beyond recovery.”

The couple married in November 2012.

He calls for “shared parental responsibility” for their two children.

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The Bravo star also challenged them to sell their four-bedroom, three-bathroom Palm Beach Gardens home, which they eventually sold for $485,000 in June 2020, and split the proceeds based on their ownership interest.

The ex-wife responded in November 2019, fighting his request to sell the marital home and asking that it remain hers.

She claimed the breakup was “imminent” as they still live in the same house.

She agreed that the exes “shared responsibility for the two children,” but urged the court to “review the man’s actions to quit his job just before he files his petition for dissolution of the marriage, to end the marriage.” Appear to be capable of significant time-sharing.”

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Regarding alimony, she claimed in the court filing: “A wife needs alimony to bridge the gap between marriage and single life.

“The wife has no means to support herself fully without this support and, having regard to the circumstances, hereby requests such transitional maintenance.”

Factors include “the standard of living established during the marriage,” “the length of the marriage,” “the wife’s contribution to household management, childcare, career development, and education,” “the responsibilities of the wife in relation to minor children,” and more.

She also reminded the court that he was “voluntarily unemployed.”

She is asking for permanent alimony that ends when she or he dies, as she “has no money to fully support herself without this support”.

The ex accused him of “making large withdrawals from marital accounts just prior to filing for divorce.”

She also claimed she was unable to pay legal fees, but that her ex-husband “I think is in a position to do so.”


In Kerry’s response, he denied her claims that he had voluntarily resigned from his job.

He also turned down her requests for alimony.

The reality star denied allegations that he made large withdrawals before filing for divorce.

In their financial affidavits, Kerry’s annual Marine Fire and Safety income is listed as $139,000 while his ex-wife’s is $33,989.

She claimed that her total assets are $662,539.16 and her debts are $246,808.75.

He listed her assets as $685,343.37 and her debts as $249,699.


According to the parenting plan, the parties agreed on joint custody of the children.

Kerry will have 182 bed nights a year, his ex-wife 183.

Upon filing the agreement, both parties waived their right to alimony.

The parties agreed to sell the house and split the proceeds $100,000 each.

But Kerry was ordered to give his ex $12,982 from the home sale and another $14,000.

He was sentenced to pay $650 a month in child support for both children.

The divorce was officially finalized in September 2020.

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Captain Kerry has since moved on as he posted with his new girlfriend Gönül Bihan who was his former head stew.

Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.

He was eventually ordered to provide maintenance for their two children


He was eventually ordered to provide maintenance for their two childrenPhoto credit: Getty
He has moved on with a new girlfriend


He has moved on with a new girlfriendPhoto credit: Instagram
He is currently starring in Below Deck Adventure


He is currently starring in Below Deck AdventurePhoto credit: Getty

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